Ep 104 - The Bold Bellydancer Shift with April Rose - The Bellydance Bundle
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April Rose will be sharing a portion of her Bold Bellydancer Shift Workshop.

If you haven’t followed her before April is an Austin-based interdisciplinary artist, teacher, and performer of bellydance, transcultural dance, frame drum, and finger cymbals. She’s absolutely wonderful and her approach to dance and art and life are truly inspirational.

In this portion of her Bold Bellydancer Shift Workshop she’ll share with you several reasons she believes a paradigm shift is happening in the fusion dance space, but honestly many of her points ring true for the Raqs Sharqi space as well. She’ll dive into carbon copy styling versus developing your own creative intuition and using that to create your own style, and how in the end, it really is all about the process.

This workshop was originally given as part of the Cohesion Camp Virtual Retreat and is available as part of the 2023 Bundle. Or was, if you’re listening to this after November 10th, 2023. 

If you like this you can check out more from April by following her online and checking out the Cohesion Collective. Links to the Cohesion Collective are above!

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