Ep 100 - Embodied Movement with Rahel - The Bellydance Bundle
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While Rahel specializes in Raqs Sharqi, Today she’ll be joining us to talk about her work in trauma-informed, mindfulness-based somatic practices and how she’s brought that to the table to support both dancers and non-dancers alike

And she has so much great info to share.

She’ll go through what somatics is, and some of the history of it, as well as diving into what it means to be embodied. We’ll spend some time today being a bit more cognitive about our bodies by even thinking ABOUT the fact that we have bodies in the first place! It get’s really fascinating team.

Did you know we have more than 5 senses?

I know right? Rahel is about to open up a whole new world for you.

So join her in bringing a little more mindfulness to your body, both today here in the podcast, and through her accompanying instagram challenge.

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