Ep 04 – HANDS & ARMS - The Bellydance Bundle
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I am positive, that at some point in your dance journey, you’ve been afflicted with the chicken arms. Or t-rex arms. I’ve affectionately heard it coined both ways.

When we first start dancing there is SO MUCH to keep track of that Arms are one of those things we tend to leave to the sidelines.

But today’s guest, Rosa, has spent a lot of time figuring out just how to make us aware of them again.

Rosa shares with us why exactly it is that your arms and hands draw so much attention (I hope you have a duh moment like I did!), a good way to build awareness of your arms, and why you should be obsessed with your hands

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The 2019 Bellydance Bundle! While that one is no longer available, check out our home page for this year's dates and contributors!

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