A Bundle of Live & Pre-Recorded dance content to get you dancing in your living room.

One of the most important things you can do in your dance is study with a variety of teachers, not only to be exposed to new styles, but to also to find the people and the learning formats that you just LOVE.

With the Bundle you can take classes from a variety of teachers at an unbelievable price. 

On Sale October 21st - 28th

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Mercedes Nieto


Mercedes Nieto is an internationally acclaimed oriental dance artist form a Hungarian-Spanish family, based in Budapest, Hungary. World famous of her delicate, elegant, yet passionate dance style, which is innovative and unique.
Her teaching skills and inspiring performances have brought her to more than 40 countries Worldwide, making her one of the most saught-after European oriental dance artists of our times.


Shahrzad is a professional dance instructor and performer specializing in Raqs Sharqi as well as traditional and social dance styles from around North Africa and the Middle East. In 2015 Shahrzad moved to Egypt to live and work full time and has since made a career as a performer appearing in top night clubs as well as film and media. To supplement her 20+ years of dance training Shahrzad also holds several fitness certifications including becoming a PMA certified Pilates instructor in 2013.


Dancer, Master Teacher, Choreographer. 20 years of belly dance, 12 of this, dancing professionally in Arabic Countries. The first Brazilian to perform in the Maghreb, the first Brazilian to blog about belly dance in Arabic Countries in Brazil.


Aziza is a professional Middle Eastern dance artist with more that 30 years experience performing and teaching globally. As an early adopter of live online instruction, she has the technology, experience, and enthusiasm to offer a quality virtual experience. Aziza is thrilled to be part of the Bellydance Bundle and looks forward to connecting with you virtually!


Oreet has over 20 years of experience in fitness and dance. She is an award-winning performer and holds the titles “Bellydancer of the Year”, and “Middle Eastern Dance Champion of North America”, among others. Her dance specialty is Modern Egyptian, a contemporary and innovative twist on traditional Egyptian style. Fusing modern dance, ballet and her Yemenite/Israeli roots, she creates a high-energy bellydance style. You can find out more about the Online SharQui Instructor Training at www.teachsharqui.com, and get her workout and dance videos on demand at www.sharquitv.com.


Sadie Marquardt is a global Bellydance sensation. She has spent the last 10 years traveling the globe conducting workshops and shows in 40+ countries.  Sadie is the founder and director of the “Raqs Flow” training program, enriching students with a strong foundation in technique while keeping them engaged and connected to the dance’s culture and historical roots. And her newest project, Raqs Online, is an online dance studio bringing high quality film and dancers together to bring world class teaching straight to your home.

Sabriye Tekbilek is a performer and instructor of Middle Eastern Dance whose stage presence and technique have been shaped by a lifetime of international performance and study. In addition to being contracted at the prestigious Semiramis Intercontinental in Cairo and touring extensively, she is one of only a handful of teachers who can teach and certify dancers in the Salimpour Formats. In 2016 she opened a Salimpour School of Dance in Stockholm, Sweden. It is the first and only Salimpour School outside of the US.


Ebony Qualls


Since 2003, Ebony has taught and performed both traditional raqs sharqi and her own dynamic fusion, fueled by a background in oriental and urban dance. She has taught and performed throughout Asia, Europe, and North & South America, while touring internationally with Bellydance Superstars, Bellydance Evolution. She has performed/choreographed with Zoe Jake's House of Tarot. She has performed onstage with Grammy nominated band Thievery Corporation, with electronic musician Peaches, and with Turkish/Electronic fusion recording artist Oojami.


Amanda Rose


Amanda Rose is an internationally acclaimed instructor and performer based in Barcelona, Spain, with a Masters in Dance Movement Therapy. She has received wide recognition for her Amanda Rose Online programs, classes, series, dancer coaching and development, competition coaching, and choreography critiques. Focusing largely on more advanced class material, her students from around the world enjoy classes that provide clear and detailed instruction that's insightful, in-depth on a variety of topics, all while enjoying a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere.


Victoria Teel


Victoria Teel is an award-winning bellydance performer and instructor. She has worked with internationally acclaimed artists, directors, and producers. In 2010, She participated in the world’s first ever belly dance reality show, Project Belly Dance. Soon after, she joined Bellydance Superstars in Japan for the Bombay Bellywood tour, then joined their new tour, Club Bellydance. Currently a member, she has toured with them full time for three years. Internationally recognized for her fluid dance style and effortless execution, she is also the creator of the Teel Fan Method, a technique using fans and fan veils with influences from Asian dances.


Alia Thabit


Alia Thabit, a Levantine-American dance artist, writer, and teacher, celebrates belly dance’s cultural ideals of feeling, playfulness, and joy. An international and online instructor with decades of experience, Alia believes that each of us is filled with our own unique beauty and magic, treasure waiting to be found. Alia is also the author of the popular “Midnight at the Crossroads: Has Bellydance Sold It’s Soul” Come find your treasure, with Alia’s improvisational approach to Oriental dance.


Ranya Renee


Ranya Renee, of New York City, has been bellydancing since 1990, specializing in traditional Egyptian dance, Breathwork for Performance, and stage presence coaching. Ranya is a supergeek for linguistics and cognitive psychology, a 200-hour-certified yoga instructor passionate about alignment and slow flow, and on a mission to help performers stand out in the eyes of their audiences. The Ginger City, Ranya’s online dance and movement studio, offers transformative group coaching series, live and recorded courses and talks, and programming for dance teachers in curriculum development and business-building  (www.gingercity.com; Facebook: Ginger City Community).



Chudney, known for her grace, fluid Egyptian technique and beautiful interpretations, continues to perform and teach online in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and is the proud director of Raks Royale belly dance troupe. Chudney has had the honor to have been selected and featured by Virginia of Miami in her theater production "Reflections", Munique Neith of Spain's Ballet Internacional in Barcelona, and most recently playing the lead role of Dorothy in Jillina's BDExperience. She is mom to her fur baby Zayva, and arguably biggest fan.


Katayoun brings her insight as an Iranian-American to the belly dance world. She has written two books, Oriental Dance Curriculum (for teachers), and The Beginner’s Guide to Belly Dance.
She is known for her fluidity and elegant expression, as seen in her Persian and Egyptian dance performances. She has a knack for creative drills and multi-level choreography concepts, informed and inspired by the music, traditions, and aesthetics of the cultures.
Before relocating to California, Katayoun was chief instructor and artistic director of Mosaique Studio in Northern VA, considered a safe-haven and center for cultural dance.


Melissa Gamal


Melissa Gamal is an award-winning dancer based in Toronto. Her movement style and elegant musical interpretation have made her a beloved Raqs Sharqi artist in Canada and abroad.
Her classes and workshops are sought after for her attention to technique and historical and cultural contexts. Melissa has taught and performed across Canada, the USA, and Egypt. Forever a student, she also travels regularly to Egypt for personal studies, bringing the most informed and up-to-date instruction to her classes. She is Director of the Ya Amar School of Dance, providing comprehensive training in MENAHT dance styles, focusing on Egyptian styles.


Rosa Noreen founded the Grace Academy to help dancers add depth and dimension so they grow in confidence to take their places on stage and in the world. Learn to slow down, revel in the moment and capture your audience's imagination through Rosa's unique programs.


Ciana Arie


Ciana Ariel is professional performance artist and functional fitness coach based in South Florida. Her fun, unique style and energetic, down to earth personality keeps her in demand. She continues to expand her knowledge and is committed to providing quality and thoughtful private coaching, classes and entertainment. 


Bellydancing since 2007, Žana is an accomplished professional bellydancer who’s performed in 11 countries and taught in 6.  She’s danced with some of the most prestigious Arabic music bands like the Mario Kirlis Orchestra in Buenos Aires and the Beledi Blues Ensemble in England. In 2013, Žana successfully self-produced her first Instructional DVD, "Double Veil Delight", selling in 10 countries across 4 continents. She is the Producer and Host of the Advance Your Bellydance Podcast as well!


Sahira is a lifelong performer and has studied music, drama and dance since the age of two. She has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to the art of belly dance and her favorite thing in the world is to share that with others. She has trained in both Egyptian and Tribal style as well as Modern and West African and loves to incorporate all these influences in her art. Sahira is a lifelong musician and head over heels crazy about the zills. She is known for her warm and inviting energy and her tendency towards the ridiculous.


Raqs Razi


Raqs Razi is an international instructor and performer specializing in American Cabaret and Modern Egyptian dance. She has been a student of MENAT dances since 2001 and professionally performing since 2008. She started teaching in 2014 and is notorious for her musicality, energy, and "non-woo" based style of teaching. Razi is also the owner of inside/out wellness and movement where she offers bellydance and yoga classes in person and online.


Known for the graceful precision and elegance of her movements, Florence has been a dancer, choreographer and teacher for over 15 years. Trained in contemporary dance, ballet, ballroom and latin dances, flamenco, theater and mime, it is however with oriental dance that her creative exploration takes on all its meaning and flourishes. At the meeting point between femininity and pleasure of moving, oriental dance is allowing her to release the vigor of her expression, to deploy grace and beauty that nourish her creative imagination.


Beverli is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is the founder of Al-Masrah Academy. With over 20 years of experience as an international teacher and performer of raqs sharqi, including 10 years spent at teaching posts in Lebanon, Turkey, and the EU she has developed a unique technical school and impassioned teaching methodology. With the additions of her studies in movement therapy and natural body rehabilitation mechanisms her style helps dancers rehabilitate their bodies and access the power of oriental musicality through muscular-skeletal fine-tuning.


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