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    Tired of not seeing progress in your day to day practice? In only seeing yourself progress through choreographies & when you look back years later and realize how much better you've gotten?

    There's a fix for that! And it has a cool side effect, more motivation.

    Motivation isn't that reliable, but one thing that helps us show up?

    Feeling like we're getting better 😍

    Get our free guide to do some work around goal setting and ways that you can track your practice so that you see that progress every week. Not just 2 years from now.

    Includes a 7 page workbook & a 30 day fillable dance tracker designed to get YOU dancing towards your goals.

    Designed to be used on it's own OR in conjunction with the #21daysofbellydance challenge we run on Instagram!

    This guide will help you

    ⭐ Figure out some ways to track your practice

    ⭐ Set goals that are attainable

    ⭐ Track your practices over the course of 30 days

    ⭐ See how your skills are progressing!