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Every year the holidays roll around and we’re not sure what to get for some of our dance friends. Some of them, it’s easy enough, others you may struggle with. So here is a list of items under $30.00 dollars that are perfect for any and all dancers out there!

Purchase from the list or use it as a jumping off point for inspiration, the possibilities are endless! If you can think of something else that should be included or would like to tell me some of your favorite items, e-mail us at!

Time to go shopping!


  1. Props
  2. Pamper
  3. Gig/Recital Bag
  4. Knitting
  5. Books
  6. Clothing & Footwear
  7. Makeup
  8. Practice


Props are hard to find on the cheap, so it’s a bit of a splurge to go folr these as gifts. But sometimes just the right thing rolls around!

Zill set from Turquoise International

Technically this one is more than $30.00, but if you’re buying for at least 5 friends at once, it averages to $30.00 per person! This set is the set that we gave away in our Zill & Lace contest this past September and includes 8 sets of high-quality zills from Turquoise International.

The Sale on these only runs until 11/19, so grab them if you’re interested!

Check out the package here!



We work hard in the studio (and hopefully at home) on our dance practices. Time to pamper your friends with some awesome self-care.

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Treat your dance buddies to a relaxing soak in the comfort of their own home with these highly rated Bath Bombs! Great after a hard day at the studio, they make great gifts for your fellow dancers!

Purchase on Amazon

SHANY Nail Art Color Set

Have a friend who loves to do their nails? Or would like to get into it? This set has 24 colors including regular, neon, and metallic items to choose from and has great reviews!

Purchase on Amazon

Custom Quote Mugs

Dawn Divine recently went on the quest to find the perfect mug and couldn’t, so she figured out how to maker her own! Make your dancemates an awesome mug with your motto or other inspiring design on it easily using

Check out her tutorial on how to do so here

Or head straight to Zazzle and check it out!

Gig/Recital Bag

Everyone needs the staples in their gig bag. And you know that you’ve hoped for one or all of these things the last time you were at a recital. Help each other out and outfit some seriously prepared gig bags for this recital season!

Sewing Kit

It’s important to have the essentials on hand, whether you’re gigging, at a recital, or even just for dress rehearsal! This kit has everything you could need to fix those last minute costume malfunctions!

Purchase here on Amazon

Giant Safety Pins

Everyone is always losing those extra precious giant safety pins. They need them for Christmas, so do you. You know it’s true

Purchase a pack here on Amazon

Flit Reusable Lint Roller

It doesn’t matter how hard you try. If you have pets, or you get a ride to the recital from someone who does, your costumes are going to have pet hair on them. This reusable lint roller is a great addition to any gig bag, and is stylish to boot!

Pick one up from Amazon here

HairPinPal Bobby Pin Holder

Tired of losing your bobby and safety pins all over the place? This is a great addition to any gig bag that can help you keep the chaos under control!

Pink & Mint available on Amazon

Costume Bags

If you don’t hang your costumes, bringing more than one anywhere, or keeping your costumes organized for recitals can be a huge pain. Pro tip, put each costume with all its pieces in one of these cheap totes (with some silica packets) and they’ll be easy to grab and go out of your gig bag!

You can grab regular grocery story reusables for this, or grab a set to give out here on Amazon

Mosiso Fabric Gym Bag

Do you know someone who is still bringing all their stuff to the recital in plastic bags? Upgrade them to a good gig bag with something like this Mosiso Fabric bag. Key features of a good gig back (for me anyway) is that it’s cute, it has a pocket for the small stuff, and a pocket for shoes!

Pick it up on Amazon

Silica Packs

Ever find your costumes getting a bit musty? It’s hard after gigs and recitals to let your costumes fully dry out before they have to get shoved in your garment bag or gig bag. Grab some silica packs and toss them in with your costumes. They’ll absorb the excess moisture and help keep your costumes smelling fresh! Great for gig bags, garment bags, storage containers, anywhere that costumes are in an enclosed space

This is a Pro tip! Grab a pack on Amazon


Sometimes hobbies overlap, and I’ve noticed there’s QUITE a lot of dancers that also love to knit. For those dancer/knitters in your life, check out these patterns.

Knitting Pattern – Shrug

A knitter/dancer in your life is probably always looking for ways to combine the two! Shrugs can be a great way to do just that. Fantastic for practicing, and fun to knit a pattern like this could be a great gift

Try this pattern on Etsy

Knitting Pattern – Crocodile Legwarmers

Cute Legwarmers like this could make practice time all the more enjoyable when it starts to cool down. A fun project for the knitter/dancer you invariably know!

These legwarmers have a cute spin on Etsy


We’ve all got a bit a nerdy element here at The Bellydance Bundle so we’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest some books to give as gifts to your dance friends! But remember, doesn’t matter WHO is the author, check your sources and be critical. 100% of the time.

Dawn Divine’s Books

Any of Dawn’s books are sure to delight the costume maker in your life!

You can see her entire selection here.


Tava’s Little Book of Big Advice

If you or one of your dance friends is moving from the amateur to professional space in dance, I would HIGHLY suggest this book as an awesome gift! Detailing some of the must knows of straddling the two worlds, Tava does a great job setting you up with the right mindset to move into the professional space

Purchase a hardcopy or gift a Kindle copy from Amazon here

The Bellydance Reader by The Gilded Serpent

For the belly nerds out there this is a great book full of essays from a vast array of dancers, from hobbyists to PhD holders covering a myriad of topics. History, theory, costuming and more is covered here.

Purchase a copy from Amazon here

The Belly Dance Handbook: A Companion For The Serious Dancer

With a little bit of everything, this is a good read for anyone from a beginner to a professional. You’ll find interesting tidbits here for everyone!

Purchase a copy here on Amazon

I Bellydance Because

A great read on the transformative power of dance, this book by Terri Allred (owner of the Bellydance Business Academy) is a great inspirational read for any dancer.

Purchase on Amazon

Femininity and Dance in Egypt:

Embodiment and Meaning in al-Raqs al-Baladi

A Paper by Noha Roushdy recommended by Bellydance with Nisaa, this book interviews professional and non-professional female dancers in Egypt and explores the relationship between culture and dance in Egypt.

Purchase from aucpress

Belly Dance Around the World:

New Communities, Performance, and Identity

This book by Caitlin McDonald and Barbara Sellers-Young is a compilation of essays that explore the “transformation of improvised folk form from North Africa and the Middle east to a popular global dance practice”. If you’ve ever taken Journey Through Egypt, this should be a topic near and dear to your heart! A wonderful book through which all royalties from sales are donated to Women for Women International.

Recommended by Bellydance with Nisaa

Purchase from Amazon

Choreographic Politics:

State Folk Dance Companies, Representation, and Power

Recommended by Bellydance with Nisaa, this book investigates the ways that national dance companies “spread political, ethnic, and cultural messages by accruing symbolic and cultural capital for their respective nation-states.” A well-researched book it’s a must for the nerdy dancer’s bookcase.

Purchase from Amazon

A Trade like Any Other: Female Singers and Dancers in Egypt

Recommended by both Bellydance With Nisaa and Journey Through Egypt’s Sahra Kent, this book is a must read for those of us who love this history and culture of this dance. It addressess the paradox of dancers being pivital to weddings and other celebrations while simultaneously being viewed as disreputable people who are accorded little prestige in Egyptian society.

Purchase on Amazon

Teaching Belly Dance

Sara Shrapnell has put together an awesome book for those of us considering teaching, or who are looking for ways to change up our teaching techniques! It includes games, finding a venue, self-promotion, teaching to different learning styles, and much more! Great for those friends of yours looking to take their dance to the teaching space!

Sara has other wonderful books too, though they don’t fall under the $30.00 mark. You can check them out on her author page here.

Purchase on Amazon

Clothing & Footwear

Some staples that belong in every dancer’s closet!


Cute way to spice up your leggings for practice, and help keep those calves and ankles warm!

Buy it from Amazon here

Leo Toes

Looking for the cutest half soles to dance in on the market? Check out Leo Toes, she even takes custom orders if you want to order a set for all your dance friends!

Purchase from the Leo Toes Etsy store

Minimal Sparkly Dance Shoes

We all struggle with footwear when we’re dancing at events, haflas, or at restaurants. We don’t want to go barefoot, but maybe character shoes are a bit too much for you. I’ve found these shoes to be a good compramise in the past. You still get to show off your pretty toes, but the soles of your feet are protected from the nasty restaurant floor. They start out a little stiff, but once you wear them in they can be a great addition to your dance wardrobe. Note if you go for these ones, get a half size up as they tend to run small!

Purchase here on Amazon

Handmade Jewelry by Nasila

Handmade jewelry is ALWAYS nice to get. And if it jives well with your dance costumes, and is made by a fellow bellydancer then it’s even better! Nasila is an amazing dancer out of LA who crafts beautiful jewelry. Check out her Etsy store here and get your friends or troupemates some beautiful pieces! She’ll even do custom designs if you want to do a matching set!

Check out her Etsy shop here


Some basics, and some favorites of mine listed below. Makeup can be such a personal thing, so I stayed away from anything that required color choices you might not be able to make for your dance friends!

The Vamp Stamp

Know someone who always has someone else doing her makeup for recitals, or hates trying to get the perfect cat eye? This item comes highly recommended and can help you make cat eyes simply! Use with your own liquid liner or purchase with theirs for a discount!

Purchase on the Vamp Stamp website

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liquid Eyeliner

This eyeliner adds a punch on top of whatever you’ve already got going on, and is fantastic for recitals. Highly recommended!

Purchase from your local Sephora or order online from Urban Decay

Full Makeup Brush Set

These hypoallergenic brushes come with everything you’ll need to do a full face of makeup. Great for those getting started or who only have a brush here and there.

Purchase on Amazon

Eye Brush Set

As bellydancers we’re all about the eyes. This set of brushes gets you everything you’d need to make those eyes stand out on stage, no matter how bright the lights!

Purchase on Amazon

Travel Size Light Up Mirror

This pocket sized mirror has 3 panels and LED lights! Absolutely wonderful for the dancer who’s getting ready in restaurant closets or recital venues with only one mirror for 20 dancers to share. I’ll be getting one of these for myself!

Purchase on Amazon

EyeKandy Glitter

Eye Kandy Glitter is the kind of loose glitter that you’re going to want to be using around your eyes as it’s high end cosmetic glitter so it won’t cut your eyes if it gets misplaced (bleh!). It’s super bright and sparkly and will take your eye game to the next level!

Purchase on Amazon or from EyeKandy’s site



If you’ve got a friend who can’t stand having to reapply lipstick all night long at the restaurant, maybe see if she’d like some lipstain. I personally love the lipstain from Sephora, and Yavanna dances also recommended LipSense lipstain.

Look at Sephora’s Lip Stain

Look at LipSense Lip Stain

Sephora Gift Card

Makeup is a hard thing to get for people. There are some staples, but things like lip color or foundation is so personal! Grab your friend a gift card to Sephora so they can get what they need most, in the color they like the best!

Purchase from Amazon


We’re all about practicing here at The Bellydance Bundle, so here are some awesome things that might help you or your friends up your at home practice game.

MPOW Swift Wireless Headphones

Need to practice with headphones but getting tired of getting caught up in your cord or trying to figure out where to put your phone? Why don’t dance pants have pockets?

These headphones are affordable, sound great, and are very comfortable. I have the last gen version and they’re still going strong after 3 years of constant use!

Purchase here on Amazon

Figuring Out What to Practice

A 100% free item to send your friends is our awesome guide to figuring out what to practice! Great for any dancer struggling to make the most of their practice time!

Just send them over to for them to pick up their copy! (Shameless self-promotion!)

The Bellydance Business Academy

Run by one of our contributors to the 2017 Bellydance Bundle, Terri Allred has compiled a fantastic program here for anyone who runs their own classes or is considering it! If you have a friend who is a professional dancer, a subscription to the Academy is a must have!

Check out the website here!

Datura Online Gift Membership

If you know people who missed out on The Bellydance Bundle, but want to step up their at home practice, gift them a month of Datura Online and let them go to town!

Purchase from Datura Online

If Your Friend Missed Out on The Bellydance Bundle

Your friend may have missed out on the bundle sale we ran in October, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the great content! Several of our contributors to the bundle have awesome online offerings that are under $30.00 that would make the perfect gift for your dance friends.

Contributors that definitely have products under $30.00 are Sadie Marquardt, Deb Rubin, Keti Sharif, Amity Alize, Mahin Bellydance, The Bellydance Business Academy, The Fez Documentary, Rosa Noreen and Farha.

Check out our contributor’s page to investigate our other contributors what might strike your friend’s fancy!

The Bellydance Book of Practice Prompts

Need help getting started when you get in front of the studio mirror? This book can help point you in the right direction with some great practice prompts to spur your creativity!

Purchase a kindle or paperback on Amazon

Raq-On Dance Dynamic Cards

The cards are divided into 3 areas of drilling and exploration: movements, dynamics, and emotions. Soon, you’ll no longer need to memorize combinations you learned in workshops or from other dancers. You’ll have your own unique movement vocabulary that you can pull from memory at the flick of a zill! Perfect for practicing on your own, with a friend, in class, or giving as a gift to a fellow dancer who may be going through her own dancer version of writer’s block.

Comes with a download of Amity’s Dance Dynamics class as well!

Dumbek Fever I by Raquy

I got this back when it was a CD/Book combo and I can’t imagine how much better it is as an online course! For anyone you know trying to learn to play the Dumbek, this is a fantastic way to get started!

Purchase from Raquy’s site

Moleskine Travel Journals

Absolutely wonderful for conventions these journals are lightweight, small, and flexible, making them a great journal for all that notetaking! Also easy to toss around when you’re working on that choreography, very versatile journals for any dancer.

Purchase on Amazon

Amazon Gift Card


Dance music can be hard to come by, but you’ll find a ton of it on Amazon! Send over a gift card so they can pick out their own favorite practice tunes!

Purchase on Amazon

Note, several of the links on this page are affiliate links. You’re supporting The Bellydance Bundle by buying through them, but there is no need to do so if you do not wish. Simply search for that item on Amazon in a new tab and you’ll be good to go 🙂

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