2021 – Zara - The Bellydance Bundle

Zara Dance is a much loved international belly dancer based in the Cairo, Egypt. She is a dynamic dancer who is half Egyptian and half English and has been dancing professionally in Cairo for over 5 years. She has danced everywhere on the Egyptian dance scene, from backstreet cabaret to 5* exclusive weddings and parties plus she has stared in various music videos and films. Her dancing has taken her around the world - Zara has performed not only in the UK and Egypt but also vast amounts of East Africa. Zara is a much loved bellydance teacher - with regular sell out workshops across the world and her famous YouTube Show: Yalla Nor2os Bel Araby. She also runs Zameena the popular monthly FREE BELLYDANCE MAGAZINE and is also the owner of on of the UK's biggest most loved Bellydance shops ZARA'S ZOUK. During COVID she has also become the co-host of the BIGGEST ONLINE regular hafla "Online Zoom Hafla" which has supported and hosted a range of amazing Egyptian Artists, as well as international stars. Zara Specializes in Egyptian: Baladi, Raqs Sarqi, Oriental, Fellahine, Saidi and she is particularly loved for her Shaabi and Fego street dancing style.