2021 – Sadie - The Bellydance Bundle

`Sadie has been a passionate and active ambassador of Raqs Sharqi / Bellydance for over two decades. Best known from her viral YouTube video with over 30 million views; she has produced dozens of bestselling instructional videos and danced for an audience of millions on the hit show “America’s Got Talent” making it to the semi-finals.

Sadie is the founder and director of Raqs Online. A subscription based website for movers and shakers. Raqs Online offers over 300+ videos of Raqs Sharqi, Bellydance, fitness, yoga and other cultural dances taught and shared by source dancers. Raqs Online is always interacting with its members with challenges and live classes, as well as its monthly contributions of streaming classes to the ever growing library!

Sadie loves to combine her passions in her retreats; bringing the power of nature, dance, music, and human connection together.