Ep 67 – Veilwork - The Bellydance Bundle
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Ever feel like your head is a magnet for your veil?

Join Aziza and myself as we chat veil today. Some best practices, picking the right veil, and of course ways that you can keep that veil from thinking your face is magnetic.

From the elements that define Aziza's style to some tips to make sure your veil is working WITH you instead of against you, this episode of full of amazing tips to help you make your practice a little less stressful. 

Last year you all requested more Prop classes and this year I'm happy to deliver with items like this! Aziza's contribution, the Voyage of Veil is a mix of live and pre-recorded classes based in choreo and technique to get you dancing beautifully with your veil.

Episode in honor of

Veil Voyage Choreography Project


Take a Voyage of Veil technique & choreography with Aziza. This course combines pre recorded videos (both technique & choreography), a dedicated Facebook page (for questions, discussion, accountability, feedback, & community!), & a 2 hour live workshop to go deeper into the nuances of the choreography.

Pre-Recorded & Live

Lifetime Access

Length - 4 Hours

Value - 200 USD

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