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From the Asmara Initiative

Episode #60

Turning Workshops into Practice

Yallah Raqs 43 Oreet

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Episode in honor of 

The Asmara Initiative

In This Episode

Sabia from the Asmara Initiative joins me to talk about the amazing work they're doing there as well as their upcoming event this weekend.

In addition, we dive into how Sabia brings back workshops to her dance practice and how people at different levels can use different techniques to process the information they're learning.

We have a challenge to go along with today's podcast which you can check out on our Instagram, or on the shownotes page. You'll be entered to win a workshop from this weekend's event, Where you'll see a familiar face in the lineup with Chudney Raks! Joined by Brandy Asmara, Omoladun, and Constance WinnYaa!

Happening November 14th, 2020

The Challenge

Will be posted later today, Follow us on Instagram (@thebellydancebundle) to see when it launches!



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