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Lisa Allred

Episode #59

Keeping Practice Going

Yallah Raqs 43 Oreet

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In This Episode

Lisa joins me today to talk about how you can keep the momentum from the #21daysofbellydance going.

Or how you can even just get started in your practice.

It is so important for us, as dancers, to practice.

And yet we find ourselves resisting it or getting stuck and not being able to fully dive in.

Then the guilt spiral starts.

Let's break the cycle and look at this from a scientific perspective. With her background in Cognitive Behavioral Science Lisa marries the dance world with science to get you practicing the way that you want to.

On Sale October 21st - 28th

Lisa Allred

I Just Can't Get Motivated!: Applying behavioral science to build habits and motivate behavior change

In this live interactive class, you will learn how to create a regular practice routine that:
-Encourages the use of habits (to achieve short-term sustainability)
-Incorporates a theory of motivation that is based on emotions (to achieve long-term sustainability)
And the strategies you learn apply not just to dance, but to all other areas in your life!

Live - TBD

Lifetime Access

Length - 2 hours

Value - 40 USD


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