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Sahra Saeeda 

Sahra Kent

Episode #55

Categorizing What you see

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Sahra Kent

Learning Through "The Tables": A Framework on Which to Build Your Research

Using her iconic tables metaphor Sahra will walk you through a fundamental idea of dance ethnology: finding the categories that a culture uses to describe their own dance. With examples of the different categorizations, or tables, of dance in Egypt you can better understand what you're seeing/reading/observing when you're working on your dance.

Sahra will provide some questions you can ask to more accurately asses your sources and process the massive amount of information we pursue in our studies that she has developed in over 30 years of dance-ethnological research in Egypt.

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In This Episode

Today we have with us Sahra Kent, also known as Sahra Saeeda. She's the brilliant mind behind Journey Through Egypt and I am so excited to bring her on to talk about research.

Whether you know it or not, you are doing research ALL THE TIME. Any time you learn something, seek out a new teacher, go down a Youtube rabbit hole, or read a book or article? All research.

And sometimes that research can be a bit...contradictory. 

Today Sahra walks us through her Table's metaphor a little bit as a way to start processing all the different puzzle pieces that you've come across along your dance journey.

Because we gather a LOT of information and sorting it can only make it easier for us to learn!

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