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Episode #54


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Do you know that Tarab has multiple meanings?

There can be a LOT of confusion around this term, and we're here to clear it up a bit.

Shahrzad joins me today to talk about Tarab. What it means, and what difficulties dancers face when trying to dance to this particular style of movement.

And, of course, some things that you can work on in your home practice!

Check out the links below to see Shahrzad's course offerings or, get the bundle now to jump straight into a Tarab course with Shahrzad!

On Sale October 21st - 28th


Dancing with Tarab

Tarab is one of the most complex and emotional musical genres in the Middle East. This unique video class will delve into the intricacies of dancing to classic Tarab by deconstructing ‘Ohdono El Ayam’ by Warda and building it piece by piece into a dynamic choreography.

Included in this class…
-Introduction of Tarab
-Musical Break Downs
-Lyric Translations
-Technique Explanations
-Step by Choreography breakdown


Lifetime Access

Length - 2 hours 

Value - 50 USD

The Challenge

A beautiful combo for today!


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