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Melissa Gamal

Episode #51

golden Era

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In This Episode

Melissa Gamal joins me today to talk personal stylings and The Golden Era.

We chat  about not only Golden Era dancers, but on the importance of looking at a dance within the context of the time, the culture, and what was going on at the time.

Then we get into the personal stylings and how personality comes through in your dance. It's so important to be authentic, but authenticity can be hard to find so Melissa gives us some AMAZING tips on finding your stylization and what feels right for you as you proceed on your dance journey

On Sale October 21st - 28th

Melissa Gamal

Golden Era Styling - Star of the Stage!

Dip into the glamorous raqs sharqi styling from Egypt’s Golden Era. Dancers from this time period were known for their subtle and expressive movements - as well as their cinema dramatics! Each dancer had their own unique personality and style on stage, which lead many to become stars - and household names to this day!

In this workshop we’ll explore important factors that contributed to the styling at the time (cultural, musical, etc.) as well as overall themes, aesthetics, and popular movements.

 Then explore how you can add your unique touch to become your own Golden Era star!


Recording Available for 1 month after event

Length - 2 Hours

Value -  65 USD

The Challenge

Let's play with stylizations today!


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