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April rose

Episode #49

Practice & The Eternal Student

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In This Episode

April joins me today as we dive into practice. And we dive deep into a couple of amazing areas here.

April shares her story about a hard-won mindset shift that has made all the difference to her relationship to dance, along with some ideas around goal setting and scheduling that will get those of you who like to plan things very excited.

If you struggle with fitting in your practice or ever feel like you're not good enough, I think that there's a lot here you can take away that can start to shift the way you look at yourself and your practice.

April Rose

Technique, Percussion, and Cued Improv: Dance Cohesion Style

In these two one-hour classes you will get an introduction to April Rose’s Dance Cohesion method of technique practice, percussion, and cued improvisation. In the dance class you will learn a centering practice, try a fun diamonds-based technique drill, and begin putting Cohesion movements together improvisationally using principles of Improv Team Sync.

In the percussion class you will learn the basics of holding and striking the frame drum, how to play three distinct tones on the finger cymbals, and how to play Ayub rhythm on both. For an extra challenge, try combining the percussion and dance layers from both classes! 


Access - 1 Month from Redemption

(Redeem within 1 year)

Length -2 hours

Value -  40 USD

On Sale October 21st - 28th

The Challenge

Dance Cohesion Style Drills & some Zills to Mix it up!


If you've been wanting to improve the consistency of your practice, then join us for the #21daysofbellydance on Instagram and have some fun with our contributors to the 2020 Bellydance Bundle. 

New exercises & drills uploaded every day from October 1st to October 24th!

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