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Episode #47

Finishing Your Moves

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Chudney joins us today to speak to the value of bringing it back to the basics and how she loves to break it down for dancers.

Utilizing the basics in new and interesting ways can revolutionize your dance, and as you'll hear, sometimes it only takes one comment from a teacher to set you down a path.

Chudney is an amazing dancer, and one that I've admired for quite some time so I'm so excited to have her on the podcast today and joining us for this year's bundle.


Oriental Technique and Combinations & Belly Dance Basics

Online Live via Zoom or (Pre-Recorded Just for the Bundle)
Oriental Technique and Combinations
This class is for intermediate/advance dancers that are looking to Challenge themselves from head to toe. Improve your technique through combinations rich in foot patterns, arm pathways and musicality that are unexpected and unique.

Belly Dance Basics
There is nothing basic about this class. Refresh your muscle memory and refine your foundation with drills that realign, adjust, and position your body safely. This faster pace class, will break down moves and build them up into danceable combinations to create a greater understanding of transitions and musicality.

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Recordings available 1 month from Redemption

(Redeem within 1 year)

Length - 2,1 hour each

Value -  30 USD

On Sale October 21st - 28th

The Challenge

Cool Combo Today!


If you've been wanting to improve the consistency of your practice, then join us for the #21daysofbellydance on Instagram and have some fun with our contributors to the 2020 Bellydance Bundle. 

New exercises & drills uploaded every day from October 1st to October 24th!

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