Yallah Raqs 38 – Zana - The Bellydance Bundle

Delicate Details

Episode #38

With Žana

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In This Episode

Today we have the host of the Advance Your Bellydance Podcast, Žana, here with us on Yallah Raqs!

Today’s conversation is SO important, and has been mirroring what we’ve been talking about lately on Instagram.

I don’t even want to ruin it for you, I want you to hear it as it comes up! We start of chatting about the details of our dance, and how we move in our everyday as these are so important and can have such an influence on your dance, but the conversation veers off when Žana brings up a topic that I’m so super passionate about I couldn’t resist pursing that line of the conversation.

If you’re familiar with me and the podcast, it’ll come as no surprise.

Join us as we chat delicate details and more in today’s episode!

The Challenge

Today is a tried and true shimmy drill to make sure that you can move while you shake!


If you've been wanting to improve the consistency of your practice, then join us for the #21daysofbellydance on Instagram and have some fun with our contributors to the 2020 Bellydance Bundle. 

New exercises & drills uploaded every day from October 1st to October 24th!

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