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Episode #35

With Alia

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In This Episode

Alia Thabit is such an emotive and expressive dancer, I can't get enough of her. She reaches into you and really brings the soul back to the dance.⁠

Today we talk about one of the cornerstones of middle-eastern music, the Taqsim. She shares how dancing to a taqsim takes us beyond the technique and the remembered steps and the percussive beat and puts us in tune with the music in a way that's so important to our dance practice.⁠

We're here to bring joy with our dance, and that starts with us finding the joy ourselves.⁠

This talk is so full of amazing takeaways around improvisation, emotion, feeling the music and more, and if you want an UNdrill to go with it, make sure to check out today's Instagram challenge!

The Challenge

This UNdrill is designed to get you out of your head, and into the music. Check it out


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