Want to work on your practice?

AND learn from some of the most amazing dance teachers online right now?


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Every day for 21 days, The Bellydance Bundle will be posting one dance drill or exercise and one task for you to complete.

This challenge is designed to:

  • Get you back on the dance floor and working to build a dance habit
  • Only take 5-15 minutes of dance practice a day
  • Introduce you to some of the best dancers teaching online right now
  • Make you feel good about where you are RIGHT NOW in your dance
  • Bring joy and happiness (goodness knows we need it now more than ever)
  • Educate in addition to just moving our bodies through accompanying Podcasts
  • Show you that you don't have to practice for an hour and half for it to matter
  • Give you a taste of all the awesome classes that will be included in this year's Bellydance Bundle!

Simply follow @TheBellydanceBundle on Instagram and you'll be ready to participate!

And if you want to win some prizes...

We've got those too!!

You have to participate for a minimum of FIVE days to be eligible, but any other days on top of that just increase your chances of winning!

And this year we've got some great prizes!

We've got Zills from Turqouise International

We've got Veils from Silks by Celestina


We've got some hand embroidered face masks from the Bedouin women of Al Arish of the norther Sinai in Egypt.

We'll be drawing winners for all these prizes on October 25th, so you have until then to submit your videos!

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The #21daysofbellydance challenge starts in just a few days!⁠ ⁠ Each day we'll be releasing a dance drill/combo/exercise and one bonus task that you can complete. Each from a different contributor to The Bellydance Bundle⁠ ⁠ Something for you to do on the dance floor, and while you're laying in bed.⁠ ⁠ With the Bundle, we like to view dance education as a truly half and half exercise. You dance just as much as you study, and vice versa.⁠ ⁠ This challenge is all about building a practice habit that sticks, in just 5-15 minutes a day. So be sure to check out our guide on How to Get the Most Out of Online Classes. You'll find tons of tips to set yourself up for success!⁠

🏆 To Participate & be eligible to win 🏆⁠
🌟Follow @thebellydancebundle & all our contributors (check out below for the list, it's seriously amazing)⁠
🌟Sign up for our free guide (link in bio) to set yourself up for success.⁠
🌟Comment below & tag two friends who might be interested in participating!⁠ <---- Do this now!⁠
🌟Each day you’d like to participate, comment on the post, practice your drill/combo/exercise you want to do and then upload your dance videos or tasks to Insta with the hashtag #21daysofbellydance! ⁠
🌟Make sure to mention the Bellydance Bundle & the contributor of the day! They want to check in with you too! ⚡⁠ ⁠
This year we have prizes including: Zills - @turquoise_intl Silk Veils - @silksbycelestina and some hand-embroidered face masks made by Bedouin women in Al, Arish, northern Sinai, Egypt.⁠

⁠ @rosemovementstudio @ranyarenee @MahinBellydance @shiningpeacekeeper @esmeralda_colabone @azizashimmy⁠ @CreativeHips @sharquiworkout @raqs_online @_mercedesnieto_ @dr._valerie_poppel @SabriyeTekbilek @ebonydances @AmandaRoseDance @victoriateel @bellydancesoul @florence.danseuse.orientale @Shahrzad_dancer_official @zanadance @katayoundance @melissa.gamal @rosanoreen_graceacademy @SahiraBellyDances @ciana.ariel @chudneyraks @raqsrazi @sahrasaeeda @azzuhurarabi @maomurakami @thirdeyedance @jennydance18 @aubrehill @dance_ethnographer @greenstonebellydance @katie.sahar @christineyaven @davinadevine @sarashrapnell @shruti.n_bellydance @ketisharif @Beverli_AlMasrah⁠

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But what if I'm not...

Advanced enough? A professional? What if you're just starting out? What if you're not sure? What if you're not enough?

How many times do you think you're not enough?

You are.

You are enough. Say it outloud if that struck a cord.

I. Am. Enough.

And you are. This challenge is for everyone. At every level.

If a drill is too much for you? Do a simpler version.

If a drill is too easy for you? Unless it's the point of the drill to slow it down and get INTO the movement, then add a layer. You do you.

This challenge is made to fit on you. However you are.

Because you're enough. And your practice is enough.

We just have to actually do the hard part and get TO the practice right?

Once we're there? That's when the motivation shows up to help us along.

Think of this challenge as the driving force to get you to the dance floor.

So come join us and commit to your practice.

Find some joy in this troubled time.

Connect with other dancers.

Find some new teachers and exercises you love.

It's time to spend time on your dance, because you and your dance deserve it

You can even make one of those spiffy images just for you at this link. Or DM me on Insta with a photo and I'll make one up for you.

We're more likely to do a thing if we commit to it, so take the leap with me, commit to your practice, and let's dance together!

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