#21daysofbellydance – 2021 - The Bellydance Bundle

#21daysofbellydance Central

Here you'll find everything you need to participate in the #21daysofbellydance!

The #21daysofbellydance goes from September 29th - October 22nd.
Join in at anytime. Videos are posted here & on our Insta!

What to expect?

Each day during the #21daysofbellydance challenge this page & @thebellydancebundle's Instagram page will be updated with a new drill, exercise or task from one of our dance teachers.

You'll follow along with their video to practice + doing your super special task you'll get on Day 1 to personalize each of your practices.

After your 10-15 minute practice, if you want, you can film yourself doing the teachers drill and post to Instagram for extra entries to win prizes!

Then track your day in your dance tracker (you'll get it for signing up, along with 5 tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this challenge!

And you're done for the day! You can participate at any time that it works for YOUR schedule. Join us after work, before work, on your lunch break in the parking garage (yes, it's been done), or whenever it works for you!

All the dance teachers featured in the #21daysofbellydance are also teachers in the 2021 Bellydance Bundle! Check out the course lists at either of the links below!

Sale starts on October 20th!

Make sure you don't miss the Bundle Sale this year!

Happening Oct 20-27th

Join the waitlist so you know as soon as the Bundle Launches this year. You'll find the amazing teachers from our #21daysofbellydance plus many many more!

Our Challenge Videos!

Hit the View More On Instagram option to read the captions for any of these videos. 

It'll open on your device regardless of how you're on this page or if you have an Insta account.

Jillina Instructional Breakdown

w/ Warmup

Combo Instruction starts at around 8 min

Music from Combo Clip