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Sahar samara

Sahar Samara is a brilliant and beautiful dancer in Cairo, Egypt. With a breathtakingly unique style that blends both classic and modern Oriental dance her classes are not to be missed! Her professional career started as a member of Tito's folklore troupe in Sharm El Sheikh, but after winning third place in Dina's Egyptian competition show "Al Rakesa" she catapulted to international fame and has been a featured dancer both internationally and in Cairo's dance and festival scene. She is highly sought-after as a performer and instructor and we are delighted to welcome her to this year's Bundle!

Zara DAnce

Zara Dance is a dynamic belly dancer based in Cairo, Egypt who has been dancing professionally for 5+ years. She’s been everywhere on the Egyptian dance scene, from backstreet cabaret to exclusive weddings. Zara starred in music videos and films, and has performed not only in the UK and Egypt but also Kenya (Nairobi and Mobassa), Tanzania (Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar), Pakistan and Malta. Zara is much-loved for her regularly sold-out workshops and famous YouTube Show. Yalla Nor2os Bel Araby. She also runs Zameena, a free monthly bellydance magazine. Additionally, Zara owns one of the UK's biggest belly dance shops ZARA'S ZOUK, and co-hosts the biggest online hafla, Online Zoom Hafla. Zara specializes in Baladi, Raqs Sharqi, Oriental, Fellahine, and Saidi, and is popular for her Shaabi and Fego street dancing style. In addition to dance, Zara enjoys Salsa, make-up, nail art, and physics. She earned a PhD in Quantum Optics and Laser Physics.


Aziza, a renowned name in the world of bellydance, has lit up stages worldwide for over three decades. Having toured and performed in over 50 countries, Aziza's reputation as a captivating performer and a masterful workshop instructor is legendary. She takes pride in her early adoption of virtual teaching, using cutting-edge technology to create an engaging and personalized online learning experience. Aziza has produced over 30 weeklong Dreamcamp intensives, is embarking on her 7th Year of You yearlong online mentorship program, continues to teach online group and private lessons, and travels to teach and perform internationally. Aziza’s love of teaching and mentoring is undeniable. Aziza's distinctive style is not only recognizable but constantly evolving, a testament to her unyielding dedication to her art. She welcomes dancers of all levels to join her and discover their ultimate potential in bellydance.

Iana Komarnytska

Originally from Ukraine, Iana is a graduate from the professional dance program at York University (Canada), host of the Belly Dance Life podcast, creator of the iana dance club, author of numerous articles, and winner of Star Bellydancer Canada 2014 among other international competitions.   Along with belly dance, Iana performs and teaches Persian Classical and Turkish Romani dancing. She is the first choreographer to start using Triple Isis wings, and since 2012 this is one of her style signatures.

Ebony Qualls

Ebony has taught and performed throughout Asia, Canada, Europe, South America and the United States. She has toured internationally with the world famous Bellydance Superstars, Bellydance Evolution, and performed and choreographed for Zoe Jake's House of Tarot. She is honored to be a guest instructor on Rachel Brice's Datura Online. Ebony has taught and presented at Wanderlust, Lululemon, Daybreaker, Kripalu and Ecstatic Dance. She has performed onstage with Grammy nominated band Thievery Corporation, with electronic musician/performance artist Peaches, and with Turkish/Electronic fusion recording artist Oojami. Ebony's playful spirit flavors her performances and her approach to teaching belly dance. A combination of strong technique, musicality, and innovation are the foundations of her colorful dance presence. Ebony teaches and performs both traditional raqs sharqi and her own dynamic fusion belly dance style, fueled by her background in both oriental and urban dance genres.


Rahel is a movement arts teacher and performer based in Vancouver, BC and online with over 20+ years experience. She specializes in Raqs Sharqi (Egyptian Bellydance) as well as trauma-informed, mindfulness-based somatic practices such as hatha yoga and "embodied movement.” She is also currently on her way to becoming a clinical Counselor. Rahel believes in movement and art as healing, and strives to create online and in-person spaces that are safe, inclusive, ethical, and fun!

Siobhan Camille

Siobhan is a multi-award winning raqs sharqi artist, and the founder of Greenstone Dance Arts. Her joyful movement and 1000-watt smile captivate audiences across the globe. Siobhan Camille has been winning dance accolades since 2014. She has been producing dance events since 2019, hosting workshop and show events featuring renowned dancers and musicians such as Badriyah, Aziza of Montreal, Rachid Alexander, and Issam Houshan. Siobhan Camille has an extensive background in exercise science with postgraduate level degrees in Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation Science. She takes a particular interest in the safety, strength, and performance of dancers, and conducted the first-ever formal research on injury incidence in belly dancers. She draws on this background to emphasize safe dance technique and teaches her students how to find and activate muscles to create clear movement.⁠

Victoria Teel

Victoria Teel is a world-renowned belly dancer known for her stage presence, unique fluid style, and her mesmerizing fan technique.Victoria is the creator of the Teel Fan Method, her signature style of fan techniques, methodology & choreographies which led her to develop her signature fans, Teel Fans. She has been invited to over a dozen countries to teach and gained an online following of over 800k people. She has worked with internationally acclaimed directors & producers, including the Bellydance Superstars & the world’s first belly dance reality show, Project Belly Dance. Today, Victoria is based in Texas, teaching at her online studio, and currently tours the world teaching master classes.


Sahira has been teaching and performing the art of belly dance for over 20 years. Her training in Egyptian, Tribal, West African and Modern Dance as well as theater and music, gives her style an earthy musicality that is uniquely her own. Sahira released her first DVD in 2003 and has since been invited to teach all over the world, including at the world’s largest belly dance festival, Ahlan Wa Sahlan in Cairo, Egypt. She is best known for her love of the finger cymbals, highly organized class structure and ridiculous humor. Nowadays, Sahira can be found teaching both in Houston and online. Her online studio, SahiraBellyDances.Teachable.com is home to hundreds of dancers around the world who want to learn this beautiful art form in a safe, supportive environment. Learn more about Sahira at SahiraBellyDances.com

Mao Murakami

Mao Murakami is the founder of Sparkly Belly, an online belly dance costuming resource, where belly dancers can learn to sew and DIY their own costumes, even if they are brand new to sewing! Mao has turned her love of belly dance and costumes into one website whose goal is to empower belly dancers from around the world to expand their sewing and DIY skills– and help them feel beautiful and confident on stage! After all, what’s belly dancing without sparkly costumes that celebrate your uniquely beautiful body? ;) Visit Mao’s website to check out her 200+ free tutorials at SparklyBelly.com.

Sara Al-Hadithi

Sara Al-Hadithi is a multi-faceted artist who draws upon her training in music, dance and theatre to teach and inspire students from all backgrounds. A native of Iraq, Sara is the daughter of renowned ethnomusicologist and folklorist Dr. Sadi Al-Hadithi. From childhood, Sara was surrounded by many of Iraq’s luminaries in the fields of the arts, music and folklore, who also tutored her in several aspects of traditional Iraqi folkloric arts. Sara has also had formal training in the Bedouin folkloric traditions that are part of her lineage, including Bedouin language and poetry traditions. Over the past several years, Sara has dedicated her focus to sharing her knowledge of Iraqi dance, music, and culture with others. Sara’s goal as both artist and educator is to share accurate information and promote responsible and respectful portrayals of Iraqi culture in the dance community and beyond.

RAchael Redfern

Rachael Redfern is an internationally acclaimed fusion bellydancer based in London, UK. She is known for her distinctive dance stylisation influenced by dark vintage aesthetics as well as her inventive choreographic work and smooth, precise technique and musicality.

A passionate and dedicated teacher, for the past five years she has offered popular weekly classes in London alongside regular online courses, private tuition and coaching, and frequently sold-out workshops and intensives across Europe.

Ahmed Refaat

Ahmed is a dancer, trainer, and choreographer for Egyptian dance style, including both folklore and oriental. With over 30 years of experience, including being part of the famous Reda Troupe, Ahmed will be bringing us his perspective of Sa'idi.

Sahra C Kent

Sahra has served as the director and choreographer of Ya Amar! Dance Company for over 12 years. She is the creator of the Journey Through Egypt intensives, offering study and tours throughout Egypt. In Cairo, Sahra has worked with her own orchestra and folklore dancers of 6+ years in over 1600 shows. She has performed and taught around the world.


In her 30+ years of experience, Jillina has worked all over the globe. Some highlights of Jillina’s rich career include: running the Sahlala Dancers Company from 1999 to 2020, serving as the Artistic Director and Main Choreographer for the Bellydance Superstars, and performing at the 4th World Cultural Festival, Lollapalooza, Follies Berger, Paris, and Theater Mohammed V in Morocco. Jillina created Bellydance Evolution which has taken the art to a higher level, appearing in over 29 countries and featured at Mawazine festival in Morocco. In 2016, she established Jillina’s BDExeprience which presents theatrical dance and serves to elevate and educate dancers globally. In 2020 she supported over 300 dance studios/teachers with her #2getherWeMove program.
Jillina continues to find that sharing the art of bellydance through coaching, choreography and productions is deeply rewarding.


From a young Turkish girl with a dream to a celebrated artist with an international presence, TEV is testament to her dedication and love for the art of belly dance. Tev's journey in dance is more than just mastering the movements; it's about sharing her cultural heritage with the world. SHE is a generous and gentle teacher. Her students aren't just learners; they are family. TEV invests not only her knowledge but also her heart in each one of them. Tev's greatest joy is seeing her students shine bright, transforming into skilled and confident dancers. Her commitment to passing on the traditions and stylisation of Turkish dance is unwavering.

Melissa Gamal

Melissa is an internationally admired Raqs Sharqi artist, known for her fluid movement style and refined musical interpretation. She has been invited to teach and perform domestically and internationally. As an experienced instructor, her classes and workshops are sought after for her attention to technique as well as her knowledge of historical and cultural contexts. Melissa regularly travels to Egypt for her own training, in order to bring the most informed and up-to-date teachings to her students. Melissa is known for her Golden Era dance styling, and her mastery of Sagat (finger cymbals), for which she was invited to play at the Cairo Opera House in 2021. Melissa is the Director of the Ya Amar School of Dance in Toronto, which provides students with comprehensive training in various Egyptian dance styles.

Rosa Noreen

Rosa Noreen founded the Grace Academy to help dancers add the depth and dimension they need to grow in confidence so they can take their place on stage and in the world. Her unique workshops, instructional videos, and coaching programs have enabled dancers from all walks of life to slow down and revel in the moment. A dedicated teacher, elegant performer, and studio owner based in Portland, Maine, USA, Rosa's singular style of belly dance is influenced by her ballet background and years studying Egyptian dance. Known for her classical lines and friendly approach, Rosa delights both students and audiences alike.


Tia-Serena is a bellydance artist based in South Florida. Around 2004, the obsession began when her mom gave her a set of bellydance VHS tapes. She found local classes to begin her studies in all different styles. While she adores all styles, she gets excited about Fusion Bellydance because it gives her a place to bring it all together in a unique way. Tia continues to study while performing and teaching what she loves. She is a forever student with a strong passion for this art form. She is happiest inspiring others to find their passion within this dance.

Helene of Norway

Helene is one of the leading oriental dancers and choreographers in Norway, and has performed in 15+ countries. In 2005, she opened Studio Orient, the largest oriental dance studio in Norway, and later organised the first Oslo Oriental Dance Festival. Helene was a semifinalist in Norway's Got Talent, and appeared on the first season of Norwegian So You Think You Can Dance, Charmschool and Identity, and Norwegian Dancing with the Stars. She has worked as a dancer in Turkey and has over 25 years experience as a dance instructor and 20+ years experience in oriental dance. When teaching, Helene is passionate about the joy of dance and making room for each student to find their own style, while taking the time to explain technique and transitions in detail.
Helene has two oriental music albums dedicated to her dance by Mustapha Dahir Orchestra. She made the first instructional DVD in Norwegian, Magedans med Helene. She has performed live with Turkish pop icon Ibrahim Tatlises, and even performed for His Majesty the King of Norway.


Esraa Warda is New York's emerging dance artist and educator specializing in Algerian & Moroccan traditional dance forms. A child of the Algerian diaspora, Warda is a cultural warrior advocating for the representation & preservation of North African women-led dance traditions and the decolonization of euro-centricity, orientalism, and patriarchy in dance.


Oreet is the creator of SharQui, a format for both bellydance and bellydance workouts. She has been teaching dance and fitness for over 25 years. SharQui has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN, among other media outlets, with packed classes worldwide. Oreet grew up with Israeli and Yemeni folk and Oriental dance. Her new passion is educating the world about Jewish Mizrahi dance and its relevance in Arabic Culture. You can catch Oreet and her team inside the SharQui Virtual Studio and at the SharQui Instructor Academy by going to www.sharqui.com.

Velveteen Serpent Queen

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Michelle Sorensen is a professional fusion artist with over a decade of dedicated dance training. As a forever student, she has sought instruction from some of the most innovative dancers in and out of the fusion and MENATH scenes. Along with MENATH-inspired dance styles, she has developed a love for various sensual movement modalities, including pole dance and waving styles. Cross-training in these fields has helped her with stamina, strength, flexibility and finding her own fusion style. She hopes to touch the hearts of those she teaches through vulnerability, honesty, and unwavering love for movement in all its beautiful forms. Michelle is also a wife and mother, a personal trainer/coach, a collector of interesting psychology reads, a photographer, and a plant hoarder. She is available for instruction, private lessons and workshops both locally and internationally.

Minda Mae

Minda Mae puts the “babe” in Disabilibabe. Hailing from Minneapolis, this boundless beauty is the first wheelchair-using burlesque performer in Minnesota. A fierce advocate for persons with disabilities, she works tirelessly to spread awareness and champions for change at every opportunity. She is the founder of the DisabiliTease Festival, a multi-day festival that showcases performers with disabilities in the areas of burlesque, cirque, cabaret, and drag from around the world. She is also the founder of the DisabiliTease Academy, the first virtual school specifically geared towards performers with disabilities and their allies. Don't 'dis' her 'ability' to capture your heart, because that's how this wheeling woman of wonder rolls.

Drake Von Trapp

Drake von Trapp is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary belly dance researcher and performer, recognized for his pioneering research about male belly dancers in the US. Drake's educational journey led him to acquire both a B. A. and M. A. in Dance from Texas Woman’s University, along with a Post-Master’s in Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies. His insights into the role of men and masculinity have sparked thoughtful discussions around gender, femmephobia, and Orientalism. When he’s not hitting the books, Drake currently tours internationally with Pomegranate Studios’ theatrical belly dance production, The Radiant Tarot, and co-owns Arcanum World Dance Studio with his dance and life partner, Kamrah.


Mahin brings together the art of Middle Eastern dance with the science of anatomy to help bring out the best in each of her students. She has a knack for breaking down complex movement concepts into basics, making them easier to explain and comprehend. This is thanks to her B.S. in Exercise Science and 25+ years in Middle Eastern dance. Mahin is also the artistic director of Sharqia Dance Theater and the owner of One World Dance & Music Studio in Phoenix, AZ.

Samantha Karim

Samantha Karim is a belly dance instructor and certified life coach. By integrating her expertise in teaching and thought-work, Samantha creates a unique process which, through belly dance, gives women access to a positive relationship with their mind and body. Samantha is also the creator of Badass Teacher Academy! She teaches belly dancers and instructors how to be confident in themselves and their teaching style. Self-doubt no longer gets in the way of making the choices they want to make. Her vision? To make non-existent the disparity between those with opportunity and those without. Samantha looks forward to meeting you.

Ashley Rhianne

Ashley Rhianne is a Vancouver-based dancer and instructor. She teaches both dance and Pilates and is deeply passionate about the beautiful art of bellydance and the transformative power of Pilates. These two disciplines have woven themselves deeply into the fabric of her life. Ashley is very pleased to be back in the Bundle this year, offering Pilates that is specifically designed for dancers.

Deb Rubin

Deb Rubin, M.A., is an internationally-acclaimed Fusion Belly Dance Artist, Performer, Teacher Trainer & Mentor. With over 25yrs professional experience in the fields of mind/body medicine, neuroscience, somatics, Yoga, Bodywork,
Fascia, and optimizing human potential, Deb has created her signature Dance Therapeutics Movement Mastery program and certification, to apply it all specifically to the belly dancer body, and help dancers unwind the tension/
trauma that holds them back, unlock deeper fluidity, quantum leap their technique & unique artistry, & dance without pain forever. Deb is CEO of Embodied Artistry Coaching & Mentorship program, supporting motivated artists
& entrepreneurs how to skyrocket their dance & their confidence, launch themselves to the global stage, and create more impact & income from their art. Known as the “Queen of Slink,” Deb has toured the world offering her signature
workshops, retreats, and performance.


A trained musician from a young age, Omoladun brings vibrant musical expression to her dance. Omoladun performs Egyptian raqs sharqi, folkloric dances from the MENA region, and sometimes dabbles in fusion. Always striving to learn, Omoladun continues her studies with world-renowned dancers and musicians. Currently based in Denver, Colorado, Omoladun teaches live online classes with Sahara Dance in Washington, DC and features on-demand virtual classes with Raqs Online.

Nawarra of Morocco

Nawarra of Morocco, born and bred in Casablanca, is a North African dance researcher, dancer and performer. She is also a freelance lecturer on North African Cultural Heritage at various universities. Nawarra has taken part in innumerable dance events around the globe, and has been featured on BBC Arabic, Aljazeera, and Alghad Alarabi. Nawarra is the Founder of Funoon Dance Project.


JASIRAH - international dancer, teacher, judge, and organizer of Raks Glam Festival in Poland. For 16+ years she has taught oriental dance and master classes, in addition to performing in Poland and around the world. Jasirah has been a member of Bellydance Evolution since 2014, and played roles in stage productions across China and the United states. She built and maintains a strong online community of dancers,  teaching workshops via Zoom, with more detailed tutorials on Patreon. She is the owner of Jasirah Dancewear and the creator of the first journal made specifically for bellydancers. Jasirah is a multi-award winner including 1st place prizes in the Bellydancer of the Universe competition, Etna Bellydance Festival, EURO RAKS, and many more! Jasirah also has over a decade of experience in ballroom dancing, giving her a strong technical background that energizes her performances, and inspires her choreographies, creating fusions with tango, samba and other styles. Learning from the masters of ballroom and Egyptian dance, mixed with her folklore knowledge and background in classical techniques, gives her the skills to explain every movement in detail. Jasirah is well-known for her outstanding drum solo technique, oriental ballroom fusions, exquisite double assaya tricks and elegant classical song choreographies.

Soraya Baccouche

Soraya Baccouche is choreographer, teacher and PhD candidate in Sociology of Arts at the University of Strasbourg. With a feminist approach, her research focuses on the history and professionalization of North African and Middle-Eastern dances in France, including post-colonial and gender issues.  She also conducts anthropological studies focusing on contemporary evolutions of popular Tunisian dances in the Sahel region. As an artist-choreographer, her first creations Unsubmissive (2019) and Disorientalism (2022), and her research have led her to perform as a dancer or lecturer at the National Center of Dance in Paris, the National Library of Strasbourg, university symposiums, museum exhibitions, festivals and theaters. The particularity of her work is based on the instinctiveness and fluidity of her dance. Her aim is to go beyond aesthetics and get back to the fundamentals of popular North African and Middle-Eastern dances : spontaneity - feeling - expression.

Leilah IsAac

Leilah is an international award-winning bellydancer. She teaches across the globe, online and at the world famous Pineapple studio in London! Leilah is known for her online presence, teaching belly dance and fitness on Youtube. She has recently created her own Bellyfit app where she teaches belly dance courses and masterclasses as well as belly dance fitness! Well-known for her choreographies, she has worked with Lionsgate, Popsugar, the History Channel and numerous celebrities to bring attention to belly dance. Leilah also performs at events internationally in a variety of belly dance styles.

Athena Howe and Adam Rivière

Athena is a Columbus, Ohio-based dancer who has been performing professionally since 2008. She has performed at thousands of events both domestic and international. Athena teaches, performs, and hosts events in her home city, and is dedicated to her personal practice. She fell in love with the decadent costuming and glamour of belly dance, but over the last decade has also grown to love the music and culture. Athena performs with several bands in the central Ohio area and loves the surprises that come with performing to live music.

Adam Riviere, world percussionist, audio engineer and composer, boasts almost 40 years
of experience. Adam began playing the piano at age 10, leading him to a love of percussion. In the years that followed, he studied more than 30 world instruments. Adam owns and operates Playground Productions Studio in Historic
Irvington, and is the US Artist Relations Rep & Consultant for Tycoon Percussion.

Together, the two have performed and taught at festivals. Their natural camaraderie and technical expertise allow students to feel safe and empowered. In their class for the Bundle, they will break down music and movement in an accessible way, so, the next time you get to perform with live musicians, you’ll have the confidence to say, “YES!”


Sheyla’s dance path is devoted to connecting and educating the community in her homeland, the Czech Republic. Falling in love with Egypt in 2004 led her to oriental dance and Egyptian folklore studies. Her teachers were legends such as Kharia Mazin, Mahmoud Reda, Nesma, Mohamed Shellaby, Fifi el Saed. She has undertaken projects aimed at educating youth about cultural differences via lectures. exhibitions and activities. Sheyla founded an international festival called Tales of Sahara to create a safe space for dancers to connect, create, perform and learn together. She founded the folklore group Al Fayyum Dancers and the Awaleem Performing Arts group. Currently she is working with Aphrodisia Dance Company. When not winning prizes, Sheyla is rewarded with passionate students and an audience she loves to perform for. Her latest project is a documentary film called Funoon Shaabeya focusing on Egyptian traditional artists and the international online conference, Al Raqs.

Heather Louise

Heather Louise is an enthusiastic teacher, performer, and life-long student of raqs sharqi. She is known for her crisp technique, seamless musicality, and charming stage presence, bringing that same precision and warmth to the stage and dance studio alike. She has studied nearly every sub-genre of raqs sharqi in the last 20 years, which has sharpened her eye for movement and style. This has lead her to focus on coaching dancers for professional development, stage performances, and competitions. She is a resident instructor on the popular Datura Online dance school and continues to teach and perform in person in the Pacific Northwest.


Karina is a multi-award winning dancer, choreographer, and instructor from North Florida.  Starting her dance journey at the young age of 9, she has dedicated over half her life to the art form of fusion belly dance. Since then, Karina has expanded her dance repertoire by cross training in traditional Egyptian raqs sharqi, American Cabaret Belly Dance, and other various MENAHT and western dance styles.  Karina is known for her expressive and energetic style which combines sharp pop and lock isolations, fluid undulations and graceful arm movements.


Coach Katie (formerly known as Katie Sahar) is a vibrant and spirited entrepreneur. Originally hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, she now calls Cairo, Egypt home. With her social media savvy, she has become a true maven in the online world. Katie is the brain behind the #SocialShimmy challenge, dedicated to helping dancers level up their game both online and in their businesses. Through her courses and coaching, Katie guides artists and creatives towards embracing personal branding, social media mastery, and essential business principles. Her mission? To free them from a scarcity mindset and empower them to transform their dreams into reality.

April Rose

April Rose is an Austin-based interdisciplinary artist, teacher, and performer of bellydance, transcultural dance, frame drum, and finger cymbals. She also loves to sing, write, and laugh. Believing that art is a spiritual practice and that life is art, she shares these modalities with others as technologies for accessing presence, connection, and liberation, tools for remembering our oneness with mother nature and the sacredness of all of life. April earned an M.A. in Culture and Performance as well as a B.A. in Dance from UCLA, where she researched bellydance history, choreographic method, and a variety of dance disciplines. Throughout her 20+ years of dancing, she has been invited to teach in over twenty countries. April Rose offers her online coaching program at www.TheCohesionCollective.com. You can learn more about her at www.aprilrose.dance.

Florence LeClerc

Florence Leclerc is renowned for her elegance, grace, and the excellence of her choreographic work. As a seasoned performer, choreographer, and experienced teacher, she is regularly sought after for training dancers both amateur and professional. Florence has schools in Montreal and Tunis, while her workshops span across the globe. Additionally, she provides online training opportunities, making her expertise internationally accessible.

Rachael Borek

Rachael is an experienced and inspiring teacher of Egyptian Dance based in Manchester UK. She's also a professional performer, dancing at events around North West England. As an instructor, she's on a mission to make bellydance an accessible and uplifting experience for everybody – including for those who don’t feel like “natural” dancers! In classes, her focus is on playful enjoyment and connecting with your body at your own pace. She's committed to excellence in dance technique and artistry; the way she honours this commitment is by helping each student to grow their knowledge and skills wherever they are in their personal learning process. Rachael is also a fully qualified Pilates matwork instructor. Studying Pilates has helped her to completely transform her own dance technique and body awareness. Now, she's excited to bring this knowledge into the dance community to help other dancers do the same!

Donna Mejia

I am an interdisciplinarian and a disciplined imaginarian with distributed movement and scholarly expertise in social justice, wellness, and the arts. I am CU Boulder’s Chancellor’s Scholar in Residence for the Renée Crown Wellness Institute. I am also affiliated with Women & Gender Studies, and Ethnic Studies. My Creole identity has found reflection in the dance cultures of North, West and American African Diaspora, the Arabian Diaspora, Silvestre technique, and Yoga.

Dancing Queer

By Shrouk El-Attar

Dancing Queer الراقصة المثلية
(By Shrouk El-Attar)

What's that? Belly dancers should have long hair and shave their legs and underarms? Well, not this one! Dancing Queer by Shrouk El-Attar is a multi-award winner, including from the United Nations as Young Woman of the Year 2018, named one of the BBC’s Top 100 Most Influential Women in the world 2018, and even by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) as part of the top 6 young engineers in the UK 2019. This queer, bearded Egyptian refugee will give you a very authentic performance with a twist!

As seen on Pink News, BBC, Reuters, BuzzFeed, Huffpost, and more!

The Dance Safe Project

As a lifelong advocate for dance, Prue's mission is for the joy of dance to be accessible to everyone. She is a firm believer that injury prevention through safe dance practices is key to ensuring longevity in dance for professionals, teachers and students alike. The Dance Safe Project is a unique safe dance practice and injury prevention resource for the global Bellydance community, combining Prue's qualifications and 20 years of knowledge and experience in Dance Teaching (diploma qualification), Rehabilitation and Pilates Movement Therapy (diploma qualification). Prue lives in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges outside of Melbourne, Australia with her husband, 2 little girls and 2 fluffy cats.

Christine Yaven

Dubbed 'Indonesia's bellydance icon', Christine has almost 20 years of experience teaching Oriental dance. The pioneer of Oriental dance in Indonesia, she founded Bellydance Jakarta, Indonesia's premier Middle Eastern Dance Center. Christine has captured the interest of local and international media and is often invited to both perform and teach. Christine's performances are mesmerizing, a perfect fusion of liquid motion, subtle sensuality and exquisite musicality. Her talent as a dancer is only rivaled by her teaching abilities which not only span precise technique, but also the soul, values and heritage of Oriental dance. She is a firm believer in artistic creativity and works tirelessly to teach dancers how to be unique, creative Oriental dance artists. Currently, Christine teaches classes and workshops in-person and online She is a highly sought-after instructor and performer at multiple international events.

Dawn Devine ~ Davina

Dawn Devine aka Davina is best known as an author, costumer, and independent scholar of belly dance history. Davina is currently working on a top-to-bottom, front-to-back rewrite of her very first book, “Costuming from the Hip.” She teaches classes in belly dance costuming, sewing, and design history both in person and online. In her free time, Davina devotes herself to original archival research about dancers at the World’s Fairs from 1851 - 1904. For more information about Davina, her publications, and classes, visit her website or find her on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Debapriya Das

Debapriya Das is a professional performer and instructor specialising in Middle Eastern traditional and classical dances. She is the artistic director of Nrityakosh, which has been at the forefront of the belly dance movement in Bangalore, India for several years. Debapriya is trained in a myriad of dance styles ranging from Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Ballet, Flamenco and contemporary dance. Debapriya has represented India in various international oriental dance festivals. In May 2023, Debapriya, along with her troupe, presented some of their work at the 14th Cairo! Budapest Festival. In 2020 she won in the fusion category of the belly dance World Cup. In 2022, she was awarded the Emerging Artist Award by Kolkata Center for Creativity, India. Debapriya holds a Master’s degree in Economics and worked as a research economist for a leading think-tank based in India, with primary interests in the fields of poverty, sustainable development and climate change adaptation.


During high school Fracesca won an AFS scholarship for the exchange student Year program in New Zealand. She graduated in Oriental Languages and Literature for Arabic at Ca' Foscari University in Venice, Italy. She earned her Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies at Padova University. Francesca was introduced to Oriental dance in 1997 during her three months stay in Yemen, but it wasn’t until 2000 that she began taking weekly lessons. She has never stopped.. In her teaching career Francesca loves to share the cultural and historical background that has formed and informed this dance. Her motto? Learn, Evolve, Dance.

Natalie Hayat

Natalie is a Puerto Rican professional Raqs Sharqi dancer, teacher, choreographer, and producer. She is currently based in Cairo, Egypt and specializes in Egyptian Oriental Dance. Raks Al Zahra is her Dance Program since 2015, it was as a result of immense inspiration from Natalie’s travels through the Middle East and is also powered by the meaningful connection that is present between her, her dancers and the audience. She was the most nominated film & the winner of Producer's Choice at the Raqs Film Festival 2021 with her Baladi PR video performance. Natalie’s motto is as follows: “I write my life with every dance movement. As I perform, I dance my past, present, and future to come."

Lisa Jean

Lisa Jean is on a mission to help dancers create sustainable practice habits, so they can reach their star potential. She has over 20 years of bellydance experience and a degree in modern dance. That means Lisa Jean can bring her knowledge, practicality, and her sense of fun to the dance world. She is very passionate about helping dancers discover their inner sparkle by getting in touch with their bodies, learning how they work, and bringing out their innate creativity.


Laska performed in Bellydance Evolution's Seattle & Boston Wizard of Oz. She earned her Bellyqueen Teacher Training Certificate from Bellyqueen NYC in 2022, and completed JTE 1 and 2. In 2021, she produced a MENAHT Dance show, thanks to a grant from the Connecticut Dance Alliance. She contributed to the al Raqs Conference October 2022 & 2023. Laska has trained as a belly dancer in New York, Boston, and Hartford and extensively online with master dancers around the globe. She spent five years dancing with the Fat Chance Belly Dance troupe, Lynchburg Triball, and earned her Ph.D. in Art History.

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