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One of the most important things you can do in your dance is study with a variety of teachers, not only to be exposed to new styles and ideas, but to find the people and learning formats that you LOVE!

There are a mix of teaching styles in the Dance Bundle, including pre-recorded, live, and hybrid classes. 

Many with lifetime access!

Live classes will be happening through August of 2022.

All of our live events have recordings available to accommodate all time-zones.

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Shaabi Mahraganat Style Choreo

Aicha Babacar

Mahragant is Egyptian street dance built on the  combination of popular shaabi music played at weddings and electronic dance music.  . 

In this class Aicha will be teaching us a choreography playing with the common stylings of this dance, pulling in both the feminine and male versions to create a piece made for dancers. 

Live Class w/ Recording

available for 1 month

Length - 2 Hours

Value - 60 USD

Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum 

Acapella Finger Cymbal Theory , Technique & Practice


Go boldly into the incredible realm of acapella finger cymbal work with Sahira! This course will teach you step-by-step the theory & technique you need to create the foundation for astounding acapella zill work. Banish boring & repetitive zills & learn to embrace the multitude of sounds, textures & funky syncopated rhythms that your finger cymbals can create. Discover how to play an acapella finger cymbal riff that is varied & dynamic, with room for modifications depending on your level of comfort with the instrument. Be your own musician & dance to the beat of your own drum! Belly dancing with finger cymbals will never be the same again.


Lifetime Access

Length - 4 Hours

Value - 67 USD

Arabesk Choreography

Azad Kaan

Join the Turkish Delight, Azad Kaan as he teaches you a choreography to an Arabesk song from the 1980s. Learn what makes Arabesk music stand out in the world of MENAHT dances & the history of this unique moment of Turkish history. In this 2 hour, pre-recorded class, you will walk away with a complete choreography that you are welcome to perform at your next hafla or online show. Azad will break down elements of his unique technique suitable for dancers at various levels.


Lifetime Access

Length - 2 Hours

Value - 40 USD

Veil Voyage Choreography Project


Take a Voyage of Veil technique & choreography with Aziza. This course combines pre recorded videos (both technique & choreography), a dedicated Facebook page (for questions, discussion, accountability, feedback, & community!), & a 2 hour live workshop to go deeper into the nuances of the choreography.

Pre-Recorded & Live

Lifetime Access

Length - 4 Hours

Value - 200 USD

Egyptian Goddess Full Choreography!


Shimmy your heart out in Leilah's latest workshop. You will be learning a full choreography to one of Egypts biggest tracks! With clear technique and instructions Leilah will be teaching stunning steps to explore modern Egyptian movements with energy and flow. Become an Egyptian goddess in just 2 hours!

Pre-Recorded & Live Event

3 Months Access

Length - 2 Hours

Value - 30 USD

RAQSoul Workshops

Tarab & Smooth

Mercedes Nieto

Artistic self expression in bellydance through Mercedes' signature technique and combinations and a full and detailed choreography to a beautiful lyrical classical song.

Learn More About The Classes at https://nietomercedes.com/en/termek/tarab/  & https://nietomercedes.com/en/termek/smooth/

Pre-Recorded Event

1 Month Access

Length - 4 Hours and 30 Minutes

Value - 70 USD

Golden Era Evolution


Travel in time, & experience the evolution of Golden Era belly dance! This workshop leads you through the changes of the Egyptian movie Raqs Sharqi from the late 1930’ to 1940’. We will focus on specific dance movements & differences between the time period, from posture change, hips technique, usage of shimmies, props, & shoes. The workshop will start with a short lecture (20 minutes) about the particular era. Then, after the talk, we get to dance (100 min) – beginning with a quick warm-up, the technique of the particular time & finishing with the Golden era belly dance combination. Let's enjoy the beauty of Golden Era belly dance together!


3 Month Access

Length - 2 Hour

Value - 35 USD

Oriental Routine Choreography

Mahaila El Helwa

Learn one complete "Oriental Routine" choreography with Mahaila El Helwa exploring many kinds of technique (hips, traveling steps, upper body & arms) & improving your musicality - Music: El-Leila Helwa by Mohamed Shahin.

Pre-Recorded Classes

Lifetime Access

Length - 4 hours

Value - 200 USD



Jillina shares her unique style in this choreography, full of exciting steps beautifully blended with expression and technique. Move to various tempos and explore the rich instrumentation, This is a unique choreography to add to your vocabulary.

Live Event
2 Week Access

Length - 2 Hours

Value - 50 USD

Sa'idi Choreo

Ahmed Refaat

Ahmed is a dancer, trainer, and choreographer  for Egyptian dance style, including both folklore and oriental.  With over 30 years of experience, including being part of the famous Reda Troupe, Ahmed will be bringing us his perpective of Sa'idi.

Through this class & choreography you will learn the differences between Sa'idi for bellydancers vs. dancing as a folk dancer, the basic steps and foundations of the style, including assaya technique culminating in a Sa'idi choreography

Live Class w/ Recording

available for 1 month

Length - 2.5 Hours

Value - 60 USD

I’m surprised at how much I have enjoyed every bit of it - I really didn't think I would access so many of the bundle offerings but they have all had something appealing about them for me to enjoy!

- Helen

Shimmies & Strength!

Siobhan Camille

Shimmies, shimmies, shimmies! We all love them, but these seemingly simple moves can take a lot of work to master! Join Siobhan Camille to train not only your shimmy technique & stamina, but also strengthen & mobilise your body in ways that will help you get your best shimmy yet!

Pre-Recorded & Live Event

3 Month Access

Length - 1 Hour & 30 Minutes

Value - 100 USD

Reset & Refresh - Raqs Sharqi Series

Amanda Rose

Reset & Refresh is a 6-week pre-recorded series that will focus on 4 facets of Raqs Sharqi; Shimmy Development & Layers, Isolations, Fluidity & Turns. This series will take a new look at knee shimmies & hip shimmies, leaving the tension shimmy as a thing of the past.  Isolations will focus not only on the isolated movement, but the surrounding & supporting areas that are so often overlooked & diminish our isolation effect. Fluidity will focus on weight changes & distribution, flow, & connection points, making sure our melodic movements create the ebb & flow we want. Turns will refresh our spin skills, focus on the entire body within each turn, & give us an opportunity to drill & apply.


Available Until January 15, 2022

Length - 7 Hours

Value - 150 USD

Move, Connect, Express, Grow

Exploratory Movement Classes

Amanda Rose

Move, Connect, Express, Grow is an experiential & exploratory movement class that offers a space for self-exploration, connection, & reflection. It focuses on providing an opportunity to deepen mind-body connection, self-care in movement, as well as recognition through movement dynamics & verbalization. This 4 week series of live classes will focus on “Getting to Know Your Body In Movement” using Rudolph Laban Efforts & Actions.  This class will focus on deepening mind-body connection, recognizing body sensations, & self-exploration.

 Live Classes & Recordings

4 live classes in January

w/ recordings for 1 week.

Length - 4 Hours

Value - 150 USD

Fabulous Drum Solo

Thelma Rose

Learn beautiful dynamic drum solo combos that can be adopted to suit your style to the music, Aquarelle by Marcos Otero. Explore the different rhythms in the music & how to translate these into movement

Pre-Recorded & Live Event

Lifetime Access

Length - 3 Hours

Value - 25 USD

Purpose Presence Power 

Sadie Marquardt

Get ready to dive deep in this workshop. Sadie will guide you on an exploration, helping you uncover some of the things that may be blocking you from fully expressing yourself in your dance. You will also learn some practical & powerful tools to help you feel more confident & to more effectively communicate with your audience. But this workshop is not just about your audience, it’s also about you. How would it feel to have more awareness and presence, & less worry and fear? Stage presence is so much more about how we do than what we do. And that power extends far beyond the stage. So, if you are ready for more purpose, presence & power both on & off stage, then this workshop is for you!!

Live Workshop

1 Year Access

Length - 2 Hours

Value - 90 USD

Moroccan Schikkatt / Chaaibi Dance Style

Nawarra of Morocco

Schikkatt - Singers/ Performers. From Poetry to Storytelling. Schikkat remain warriors through their singing voices, expressing strong views in life & politics. Also known for their fierce expressive dance moves.

Live Event

Lifetime Access

Length - 2 Hours 

Value - 110 USD

Add Variety

In my personal practice I would just practice the same things, there wasn’t much variety. I felt like I was going through the motions, but not challenging myself enough. With the bundle I’ve been able to add variety to my personal dance practice and I can do it on my schedule. I love studying with different teachers about different topics.


2020 Bundle Buyer

Amp Up Your Practice Package


SharQui is where authentic bellydance meets fitness. We all know that bellydance can be demanding. However, only practicing technique & repetitive dancing is not the most efficient way to "level up". You really need to add strength & endurance, too. This is where SharQui’s "Amp Up Your Practice" packages comes in. SharQui will help you build endurance with SharQui Workouts as well add strength with SharQui's HIIT & Dance Strong workouts. So, come join us & let's "level up" together!

2 free months of the SharQui Virtual Studio & Free SharQui Hit Mix digital album

Pre-Recorded & Live Events

 2 Month Access

Value - 150 USD

Creative Shapes Class Pack