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Practice More, Stress out less

Stop worrying about what to work on with a complete practice plan at your fingertips

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Get your Bundle Now

It's only on sale through October 27th 

but classes go until August of 2022!

The world’s largest curated collection of online Belly Dance classes designed to give you unbeatable quality and variety of instruction in your belly dance training.

On sale for one week, October 20th - 27th, with classes happening year round.

Classes are a mix of pre-recorded and live content. Many with lifetime access!!

Recording are available for ALL live events, so even if you can't attend live, you won't miss out.

We're here to help YOU practice more, and stress out less. Isn't it time that practice was fun again?

I struggled with having a regular at home practice. With the Bundle I have more practising time and have learned a lot on interesting subjects; it's always great to widen one's horizon. It's so diverse when it comes to the themes covered. It was a very positive surprise. One tends to expect just the same old classes where you get taught a choreography. Quite refreshing!


I almost didn’t purchase the Bundle due to the money. I thought-am I really going to use this so much that it makes sense to spend this much? I know it's a big investment but it is SO worth it.

I'm so so glad I invested in myself and my dance practice with the bundle this year. I WILL be purchasing it again!

Celadon Bellydance

With the bundle you pay one low price and you get to

Experiment in Practice!

The ability to experiment without breaking the bank. Find the class types and the teachers that speak your learning language so that you can feel confident when you’re approaching online classes

Always have something

The comfort of always knowing the next thing to practice. With a slew of online classes, lectures and workshops at your fingertips, there’s no more hitting the dance floor, then being paralyzed with indecision

Ditch the endless scroll

Freedom from Facebook scrolling hell, hoping you don’t miss the one time that teacher has a sale on their classes. 

Have your practice delivered straight to you, no more relying on the algorithm to show you what you should practice next

gain Confidence

The confidence of knowing you’re getting a well rounded education. You don’t have to worry that you’re missing key aspects of your learning. Get a good basis here, and then supplement with what you want to take, without worrying you're missing something!

+ some Covid relief. No matter what continues to happen with this virus that never ends, you'll have the assurance that if we lock down again, or if you’re still in lockdown, you don’t have to give up learning from others, just because you can’t go out, or afford to take all the online workshops. Covid's been rough friends, hopefully this brings some relief. And if you DO go back to in-person classes (I hope we do soon) you'll have this waiting for you to supplement whatever you need!

On Sale Oct 20-27th

Classes Happening through August 2022

What's in the Bundle this year?

55 amazing dancers from all over the globe Teaching over 60 courses, workshops, and classes.

WHAT?! That's a lot of Dancing!

Customers served! 100 Hours of Learning
Customers served! $ 100 USD  worth of Classes
Customers served! 100 absurdly low price!

Find the freedom to play, dabble, and explore in your dance

This year’s bundle features a mix of live and pre-recorded classes, so no matter what your jam is for online learning, you’re sure to find it here.

When you pay for a workshop weekend, you feel like you have to take EVERYTHING. You cram in every class because otherwise it wasn’t “worth it”.

So many of the online events happening now are the same way. You don’t have the time to get into it and savor it. Because you paid full price, you feel guilty when you can’t jump in because life has that nasty habit of getting in the way.

Not with The Bellydance Bundle.

With a price point that knocks over 90% off the cost of these classes, you’ll pay just $2.60 for each hour of instruction included in the bundle.

This opens you up to a whole new freedom.

The freedom to play and dabble. The freedom to explore.

There’s no better way to experiment with different teachers, styles, and practice plans.

With the price point so low you can feel confident knowing you’ll be able to take what you can, leave what is absolutely not interesting to you, and  experiment with things that pique your interest.

If you don’t take it all?

Doesn’t matter! Because you’re enough and you’re doing the best you can!

At this price point? You only have to take between 3-5 classes to get your money’s worth. In some cases? A single class package alone is worth more than the price of entry for the entire Bundle!

And because our classes are so spread out you don’t have to cram it all into a weekend! 

Never worry about not being able to make an event live, or having kids underfoot who make it hard to concentrate the first time through. We got you sorted. There are recordings of ALL of the events that happen live during the Bundle.

Whether you’re in a timezone that doesn’t play nice with our teacher's, or even if something just comes up, you’ll be able to dive in later.

Plus over 25 of the Bundle classes are lifetime access. Once you redeem them, you can take them WHENEVER you like. Today, next month, or next year. All you have to do is redeem them to keep them.

The value of these lifetime access courses alone is over $2,000 USD. Almost 6x higher than the price of the whole Bundle!! 

And everything else? We've got consolidated expiration dates to make your life easier. Think of it like different semesters in school, you'll get plenty of notice when anything is coming up!

In my personal practice I would just practice the same things, there wasn’t much variety. I felt like I was going through the motions, but not challenging myself enough. With the bundle I’ve been able to add variety to my personal dance practice and I can do it on my schedule. I love studying with different teachers about different topics.

- Amanda

On Sale Oct 20-27th

Classes Happening through August 2022

the Classes

There are a mix of class types in the Bellydance Bundle, including pre-recorded, live, and hybrid classes. 

Many with lifetime access!

When you purchase you get BOTH Bundles! All Lecture and Dance Classes are included!

Click Below to see all the dance classes included in the 2021 Bundle

Click Below to see all the lecture classes included in the 2021 Bundle

Oh I'm Totally in. Where do I Buy?


I would recommend the Bundle for the diversity. Of teachers, dance styles, teaching styles, techniques, exercises... I love that there were long courses, shorter courses, some choreography-based, some technique-based, some improv, some styling... And lectures on a diversity of topics relating to dance but also to relating subjects like self-esteem, social media, history, etc. The Bundle is SO GOOD... even if you don't do all the classes it's worth it!


To be honest, I was a little skeptical about having two segments, the dance and the lecture. I am finding it fabulously informative, and creates a very well-rounded curriculum which — for a serious dancer — is exactly what one wants. The lectures in particular have been great, I am finding myself very inspired. 

On Sale Oct 20-27th

Classes Happening through August 2022

55 Amazing Teachers from all over the world

You could study with all of them for thousands of dollars,

or you could jump into the Bundle!

learn from all these amazing dancers for a fraction of the price!

How Much does it cost?

Less than 10% of the price of all those classes!

Payment Plan

$4,308 USD

$90 USD/month

for 5 months

Take your time & Spread it out

  • All the same classes as our single payment option are included
  • Access to all Live Classes & Recordings as they happen
  • Pre-recorded content delivered after each payment
  • Easy on your wallet installments happen automatically once a month

 Sale Ends October 27th

Classes through August 2022.

Buy now, have classes all year long!

Single Payment

$4,308 USD

$395 USD

Take advantage of our best deal

  • All Dance AND Lecture Content (there's just one bundle this year!)
  • over 90% off the list price of purchasing these classes individually
  • 63 courses from teachers all over the world
  • Over 150 hours of learning, spread out over the next 8 months
  • A variety of class formats to help you learn
  • Recordings available for all live events
  • Lifetime access for over 20 of our courses
  • Less than $3 per hour of instruction

 Sale Ends October 27th

Classes through August 2022.

Buy now, have classes all year long!

And there are Bonuses?!

  • A Facebook group just for Buyers. This Bonus to the Bundle allows us to keep up the amazing community from the #21daysofbellydance and cheer each other on as we learn together through the Bundle!
  • Special bonuses for Bundlers from some of our teachers!

I'm Kicking Myself for not committing Earlier!

I have had my eye on the bundle for a couple of years but this is my first year joining, and I almost didn’t buy the Bundle due to the price (I now realize it is a steal!). I worried I wouldn't commit the time and waste the opportunity.  It has been a blast and I'm kicking myself for not committing earlier. You will not be disappointed. There is a mountain of content, offered in a low pressure format, organized over a year. Just dive in and get carried along by the tidal wave of fun.


During the #21daysofbellydance we learned

Some important lessons

1. doing things together is WAY more fun than doing them alone. 

The community that forms around this challenge blows me away every single year. The way you come out to support each other and learn together is a huge inspiration.

Having a group of people who are aligned in not only a goal, but a method (of a kind) is a powerful community to be a part of.

With a group of people studying the same things as you, working on the same classes and showing up from a place of "I am enough"? It helped each and every one of you stay on track. You were more motivated and excited to show up and dance.

2. That having your practice delivered to you makes a HUGE difference. 

If you freeze when you hit your practice space and don't know what to work on? You're not alone! By having your practice delivered to you, it's way easier to show up for yourself and for your dance. With the 21 day challenge you saw this in action. Because you KNEW what to practice when you hit the dance floor? You showed up. Knowing what to do next is one of the hardest parts, but you've gotten past that first hill and have started dancing more regularly, now, it's time to consider how you'll keep that momentum up!

Keep up your practice with us to cheer you on!

With classes happening through August of 2022, your practice is delivered right to you. You'll get bi-weekly reminders for our classes to keep you on track and make sure you know exactly what's coming next. You can follow along with us, or go off and do your own thing, on your own time. Or a little bit of both!

And with the addition of the Facebook group this year we will be continuing the spirit of the #21daysofbellydance by providing a space where you can hang out with other dancers pursuing the same goal. Improving your dance from a positive mindset. We'll be gathering to discuss the classes we're taking, learning together, and cheering each other on as we go. We'll also be continuing our conversations around Mindset because they are JUST as important as the actual dancing!

Let's keep the motivation going and keep dancing together!

Who is the bundle for?

Every dancer: if you're just starting and want to work on the basics you can start there and branch out, if you're a seasoned professional you can deepen your understanding and come out the richer, if you're a hobbyist who just likes to dabble you can learn *so much* about the background, history and culture of your dance. Everyone needs this.

- Amelia


Every dancer: if you're just starting and want to work on the basics you can start there and branch out, if you're a seasoned professional you can deepen your understanding and come out the richer, if you're a hobbyist who just likes to dabble you can learn *so much* about the background, history and culture of your dance. Everyone needs this.


Jump Into learning from amazing teachers

Without Having to Spend thousands of dollars

With our pricing you can experiment without the need to be flush with cash

The combined value of this package is over $4,300 US dollars. But with the Bundle Discount of 92%? It's only $395 USD!

Have you ever sat down and carefully picked out exactly which events you’ll be able to go to for the year based on your budget?

Made the painful decision to not study with your favorite dancer or attend that amazing festival because you just couldn’t fit it all in?


Especially with the pandemic causing chaos, many of us don’t have the cash to spare.

But with the Bundle, you can afford to take classes with everyone. You can experiment. You can try things you would have had to cut out before. You can study with teacher after teacher to see who fits your style of learning best and regain that sense of play.

Remember when you first started Bellydancing and you took every single class you could get your hands on? Over time you stopped playing like this in your dance practice. Usually cause it was really expensive to try new things. But with the Bundle?

It’s so easy to get your money's worth that you don’t have to stress about taking EVERYTHING, and with so many amazing dancers, you don’t have to make those decisions that suck when you’re looking at which events to take based on your pocketbook.

With the price point where it is, you can take as little as 3-6 classes in the Bundle and get your monies worth, but with over 64 classes and the ton of bonuses coming your way? You'll be able to expiriment like you haven't been able to since you started Bellydancing. Whether that was 2, 5, 10, or 20 years ago!

Are funds tight? Life's been hard lately

You really want the Bundle, but just can’t manage the price right now.

With our payment plan, we make it extra easy for your circumstances.

You put down $90 USD now during the sale window and then you'll make 4 more payments of $90 USD over the next 4 months (5 payments total of $90 USD), with your final payment being at the end of February. These payments happen automatically and while you're making them? You won't miss a thing.

Once you make your first payment you will get access to a select number of the pre-recorded and lifetime content and ALL of the Live events & replays.

Each month after you make your payment a new group of classes will unlock until with your final payment, you've got the whole Bundle.

You'll get all the same classes as someone who pays in one go, and you won't miss a single thing along the way.


I'm the face behind the Bellydance Bundle.

I build communities around different ideas of practice. Whether that's through bringing you online classes, helping you achieve your goals, or discussing the theory, I want these projects to serve YOU and YOUR DANCE. Because THAT's what's most important.

I curate a community that:

  • Focuses on finding joy in your dance. Like, after that first week of classes levels of joy
  • Believes in self-worth. You are absolutely enough, just the way you are
  • Cares just as much about your mental state as well as your technique
  • Celebrates how hard you work ALL THE TIME in this dance, even when it feels like you're not doing much.
  • Encourages everyone to build their own unique practice habit. Because your dance is unique. You are unique. And you practice needs to be too.
  • Believes in experimenting with our dance, with our practice, with our habits. It's not about failure. There is no such thing. We simply learn more and more and tweak until we get the desired results.
  • Varys the type of learning we pursue so that even if you don't feel like getting on the dance floor? There's another way you can get into your practice.
  • And most importantly? Adheres to the idea that any practice you do comes from a positive place. Because you decide to. Because you WANT to learn and to improve your technique, your knowledge, and your understanding. Not because you think you SHOULD and you're beating yourself up to get there. Remember, you're enough, just the way you are.

An Online festival that lasts all year 

for less than the price of a regular weekend festival?!


I feel like I won't be able to take ALL the classes! Will it be worth it?

100%! You don't get a library card expecting to read every book at the library! Think of this like a resource library for Dancers to utilize as they see fit. 

No one takes everything in the Bundle. You'd be superhuman if you did!

Most people take the classes with the teachers they love, regardless of the subject. Then they take the subjects they love, regardless of if they know the teacher or not, and then they experiment with the rest!

Because the cost of the Bundle is so low you can get your "monies worth" with only 3-6 of the 60+ classes included, so you definitely don't have to take it all for it to be worth it.

Perfectionism shows up everywhere, and the idea that you have to take it all is definitely partially drive by the idea that there's a "perfect" way to do the Bundle. And that if you can't be perfect, it's not worth doing.

When in fact, there isn't a perfect way to do the Bundle, there's just your way. You're not trying to cram yourself to the Bundle, you use and mold the Bundle to your practice and your schedule so you can do things your own way.

That's one of the reasons there are recordings for absolutely everything. You do what you can and want to do. On your schedule. And the lifetime access classes alone are worth the price, so even if you didn't attend a single live event? You'd still get your monies worth out of the Bundle!

How will I receive my classes?

All classes are 100% digital. You will receive a login to a special page here on the bundle that will keep track of each of your classes for you.

Instructions on how to access your courses will be here, along with information for joining any live events. There are sections at the top of the page to help you navigate both your practice and the Bundle, and there will always be reminders for the next event coming up.

We’ll also mark you as a buyer in our email system so you can receive reminder emails for live events. We’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing and we’ll notify you whenever classes or recordings are available.

If I don’t buy the Bundle now will I be able to do so later?

Nope. The sale is up for only this one week. With a discount this large (over 90%) there’s no way we can keep it going for long.

Purchase now and take the classes at your own pace.

Can I buy just a couple of the classes?

Nope. The Bundle comes as a complete package with all the Dance & Lecture class.

If you would like to pick and choose on a more granular level than that then you’re welcome to purchase individual classes from the teachers directly at full price if they are available. Some items however are only available through the Bundle.

This type of discount only comes along once a year, so get in while you can!

How long do I have to take the courses?

Depends on the course. Half of our courses are lifetime access, so once you have redeemed them, you have access to them as long as they’re on the internet.

Many of our live events have recordings with access periods. We have consolidated expiration dates for these to make sure you're able to keep track of your courses easily. Think of it like a semester in school! You will receive emails at every junction so that you don’t miss a single thing.

You’ll also be able to opt out of emails if you’ve taken the course and don’t need them anymore so we’re not in your inbox reminding you about things you’ve already done. 

You can find the access periods for each individual course under that course’s description, along with the type of class, the length, and the value of the course.

I’m a _______ level dancer. Is this suited to my level?

The beauty of online classes is that you can scale everything to your level and there’s no one to tell you anything different!

There is something here for absolutely every level of dancer. From the very beginner just dipping their toe in, to the professional dancers, there is so much to learn.

You always learn to your level, whether or not you know it. You remember and absorb information differently at every stage of your journey. If you took the same class you took as a beginner 10 years later you would learn something totally different from that class because YOU are a different dancer.

So no matter where you’re at in your journey, you’ll find value here that helps you move forward in your dance.

Get your Bundle Now

It's only on sale through October 27th 

but classes go until August of 2022!

Supporting the Community

With every Bundle, we make a point to support the community & causes that we rally behind.

There are award seats available and each year we donate a portion of our profits back to the community, either through organizations or directly to dancers in need.

This year we'll be donating a percentage of each sale to the Shrouk El-Attar Trust, or SEAT.

SEAT works with organizations in the Middle East and North Africa that support LGBTQ+ Communities. These organizations do work to increase awareness of gender and LGBTQ+ inequality.

SEAT also helps individuals directly,  providing monetary support for LGBTQ+ refugees and those still living in unsafe environments.

Shrouk is a refugee, activist, engineer, and belly dancer who performs in drag through Dancing Queer as a method of protesting their country's treatment of the LGBTQ+ population.

You can read more about Shrouk & their trust here.

Still not convinced?

Tell us why or ask whatever question you've got! and we'll help however we can! Some common answers though in case you were wondering...

  • Yes, you get both the Dance & Lecture classes with your purchase.
  • Yes, there are recordings for ALL events, so you can take any classes you choose!
  • We are not accepting any new contributors this year, but if you're interested in 2022, follow along to stay in the loop!

Only on sale until October 27th

Don't delay, you might miss the sale