A Bundle of Live & Pre-Recorded dance content to get you dancing in your living room.

One of the most important things you can do in your dance is study with a variety of teachers, not only to be exposed to new styles, but to also to find the people and the learning formats that you just LOVE.

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Recordings are available for ALL events for a minimum of 1 month

Mercedes Nieto

2 Raqs Soul Classes

A new opportunity to learn beautiful and unique choreography with Mercedes in your home!

Mercedes will be including two of her RaqsSoul video courses in this year's Bellydance Bundle.

The Inspiration Mystery Sweet Summer Song

Click those ^ to see clips of each class


Lifetime Access

Length - 2 Hours

Value - 60 USD


Dancing with Tarab

Tarab is one of the most complex and emotional musical genres in the Middle East. This unique video class will delve into the intricacies of dancing to classic Tarab by deconstructing ‘Ohdono El Ayam’ by Warda and building it piece by piece into a dynamic choreography.

Included in this class…
-Introduction of Tarab
-Musical Break Downs
-Lyric Translations
-Technique Explanations
-Step by Choreography breakdown


Lifetime Access

Length - 2 hours 

Value - 50 USD



Esmeralda Colabone produced and directed this documentary where she talks about her 4 bestseller's workshops, revised a minute of each choreography and share personal and professional moments of her carreer!

An excellent for any dancer interested in Esmeralda style, or, how to find your own style.

A little dance, a little talk, and a lot of love.


Lifetime Access

Length - 46 minutes 

Value - 25 USD


Live Online Group Class

Join one live and interactive online class with Aziza. Choose between Aziza's popular weekly offerings...Mellow Monday, Veil Wednesday, or Sweaty Saturday. Class includes a recording of material covered. You have until February 1st, 2021 to redeem your online class.



Length - One live online class: 1 hour 15 minutes 

Value - 20 USD


SharQui's Ultimate Collection

1. How to Count Cue & Breakdown

This is a course for aspiring teachers to learn how to find the downbeat, learn how fitness music is structured so that it can helping teaching and create routines, how to cue so that your classes are seamless for your students, and how to breakdown movement to it's root move and then build up with layers so that anyone can do it and so that you can teach a multi-level class.

2. The Yemenite Collection 

In the ebook I give you the history of the Yemenite Jews and how they became so important in Israeli culture with dance, music, art and cuisine. I give you 3 instructional videos of traditional Yemeni movement, a traditional jewish wedding dance, and a fun modern routine of how young people are modernizing their music and dance in Israel today.

3.Videos from SharQui's Virtual studio

4. A Royalty FREE music album,

5. 1 month to the Virtual studio 

AND the SharQui Instructor Training for ONLY $97 if you're into it!

Pre-Recorded, Live

Lifetime Access & 1 Month (for Virtual Studio)

Length - 12 hrs 

Value -   Over 100 USD


1 Month of Raqs Online

With over 200 hours of classes on Raqs Online alone, you're bound to find anything you're looking for

Don't limit your practice to just your computer! You can now stream the internet's best dance and fitness classes on over a 1000 devices including iOS devices, Android devices, and smart TV... and your subscription will give you full access to all of them! Train with us on AppleTV, Roku & Amazon Fire.


1 Month

(Redeem within 1 year)

Length - 1 to 100's of hours

Value - 25 USD

Ebony Qualls

Fusion Belly Dance Package

2 1-hour long workshops that go hand in hand.

Urban Fusion Technique and Drills
This class will prepare you for the Urban Fusion Choreography class that follows. Study a challenging and unique spin on fusion belly dance. Drill technique that will inform new combinations which are influenced by urban styles found in hip hop, retro funk styles such as popping, and the timeless influence of raqs sharqi. Build coordination, work on isolating movements, and expand your dance style with unusual combos. This workshop will be high energy, prepare to sweat and have fun. Dance shoes recommended, but not required. Level is Intermediate and up.

Urban Fusion Choreography
The Urban Fusion Technique class before this is a suggested, but not mandatory, prerequisite. Explore a fun and unique spin on contemporary belly dance. Learn combinations which fuse modern urban styles found in hip hop, retro funk styles such as locking, and the timeless art of raqs sharqi. Build coordination, work on isolating movements, and expand your dance style with popping and liquid. This workshop will be high energy, prepare to sweat and have fun. Dance shoes recommended, but not required. Level is Intermediate and up.


Recording - One Month from redemption

(Redeem within 1 year)

Length -2 1-hour long workshops

Value -  40 USD


Beledy Solo Progression

A Beledy Solo is uniquely identified by a series of musical progressions. The dynamic build up this creates makes this one of the most exciting and recognizable elements in a Bellydancer's repertoire.

Through listening and structured improvisation dancers will learn to identify the different parts of a Beledy Progression. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of this type of solo and some tips and tricks for working though each part and the transitions. 

Live - Jan 2021

Recording - 1 Month from Event

Length -2 hours

Value -  70 USD

April Rose

Technique, Percussion, and Cued Improv: Dance Cohesion Style

In these two one-hour classes you will get an introduction to April Rose’s Dance Cohesion method of technique practice, percussion, and cued improvisation. In the dance class you will learn a centering practice, try a fun diamonds-based technique drill, and begin putting Cohesion movements together improvisationally using principles of Improv Team Sync.

In the percussion class you will learn the basics of holding and striking the frame drum, how to play three distinct tones on the finger cymbals, and how to play Ayub rhythm on both. For an extra challenge, try combining the percussion and dance layers from both classes! 


Access - 1 Month from Redemption

(Redeem within 1 year)

Length -2 hours

Value -  40 USD

Amanda Rose

A Study in Shaabi

Egyptian Shaabi is a popular social dance style that has become a recent craze in the Oriental dance community. With its eccentric personality, grounded feeling, culturally connected gestures and enigmatic energy, Shaabi can sometimes be hard to define and articulate as it’s an idiosyncratic and evolving social dance. In this series we’ll take a look at Shaabi from different perspectives, Shaabi and it’s connection and crossover with Balady, older Shaabi from the 80’s, modern Shaabi and Mahraganat Shaabi (street shaabi).

This series will focus on body language and expression, posture practice in order to embodied that Shaabi feeling, common gestures, styling differences between Raqs Sharqi/Oriental and Shaabi/Beledy, recognizing Shaabi music, and understanding nuance differences within the evolution of Shaabi. If you’re looking to understand how to create material in the Shaabi style, how to modify your Oriental technique to work for Shaabi, context and movement vocabulary for understanding different styles of Shaabi, or you just want to enjoy this incredibly fun social dance style, this is the class for you!


Access - Nov - Jan 2021

Length -5 Hours

Value -  85 USD 

Victoria Teel

Practice Makes Perfect + Bellydance Drills Workout Program - All Levels

Practice Makes Perfect

Trying to figure out how to stick to your practice or make it work for you? In this lecture, Victoria explains how your personality is fundamental to how you structure your practice. She walks through how to identify the best practice structure for you and how to apply this when it comes to drills, improvisation, and choreography practices. Each class has a worksheet for you to follow along and fill out with your own perfect practice structure!,

Bellydance Drills Workout Program

It can be a struggle to drill your technique, get a good workout in and balance all life has going on. To help you with this, Victoria has created a new program that allows you to drill families of movement in 10 minute chunks and she uses interval training to increase your stamina & make the workout as efficient as possible. You can take all six videos at once or customize your practice to match your focus and schedule. Within two weeks of following these videos, you will definitely feel an improvement in your technique!


Lifetime Access

Length -1.5 hour + 1 hour

Value -  60 USD (30 each)

Alia Thabit

Taqsim Tuesdays

Taqsim is among the deepest, most beautiful elements of Oriental dance–and among the most challenging for Western dancers, especially those trained in choreography.  This five-week course dives deeply into understanding taqsim structure and conventions, immersion in different instruments and their responses, learning to let go and let the music lead, to trust our bodies to follow, to trust ourselves to feel, and to express what we feel.  We will explore traditional taqasim plus fusion and world improvisations with a suitable vibe. This class won’t show you what to dance to a taqsim–it will show you how to dance in the moment to improvised music.

Click image for more info on course


Lifetime Access

Length - 6 hours

Value -  60 USD

Ranya Renee

Breathwork for Bellydance

Are you breathing optimally for your bellydance technique? Suffering from “resting bitch face”? Could your stage presence use a lift? Do you want to connect better with your music? With an audience? By applying simple breathing to your movements and steps in your practice and in performance, you can gain more confidence, power, and flow in your dancing, and connect better in the moment with your music, space, and audience, in improvisation or choreography. Since 1996, Ranya has coached hundreds of dancers in her 5-part Breathwork for Performance method, including prominent teachers. The dance exercises (and related lecture) will give you a practical jumpstart into the benefits of breathing well for bellydance.


Lifetime Access

Length - 1.5 hours video program, 1.5 hours live recorded lecture + Q&A

Value -  77 USD

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Oriental Technique and Combinations & Belly Dance Basics

Online Live via Zoom or (Pre-Recorded Just for the Bundle)
Oriental Technique and Combinations
This class is for intermediate/advance dancers that are looking to Challenge themselves from head to toe. Improve your technique through combinations rich in foot patterns, arm pathways and musicality that are unexpected and unique.

Belly Dance Basics
There is nothing basic about this class. Refresh your muscle memory and refine your foundation with drills that realign, adjust, and position your body safely. This faster pace class, will break down moves and build them up into danceable combinations to create a greater understanding of transitions and musicality.

Click image for more info on course


Recordings available 1 month from Redemption

(Redeem within 1 year)

Length - 2,1 hour each

Value -  30 USD


Shimmies Galore!

Your shimmy is as unique as your fingerprint. In this class, we'll go through a variety of body mechanics points to help you find your best, personal shimmy!


Access for 1 Month after Redemption

Length - 1 Hour

Value -  15 USD


Elegant Expression: Drills & Exercises for Beautiful Arms & Hands

The way a dancer uses their arms and hands is a powerful language of expression. Upper body control is also key to balancing and stabilizing lower body movements as well as providing a strong foundation for fluid and expressive arms and hands.
A total of 2 1/2 hours of instruction, this course draws from a blend of Persian and Oriental styling to help you gain confidence with stage presence and expression, develop fluidity and control, while improving your alignment for pauses and poses.


Access through the end of 2021

Length - 2.5 Hours

Value -  59 USD

Melissa Gamal

Golden Era Styling - Star of the Stage!

Dip into the glamorous raqs sharqi styling from Egypt’s Golden Era. Dancers from this time period were known for their subtle and expressive movements - as well as their cinema dramatics! Each dancer had their own unique personality and style on stage, which lead many to become stars - and household names to this day!

In this workshop we’ll explore important factors that contributed to the styling at the time (cultural, musical, etc.) as well as overall themes, aesthetics, and popular movements.

 Then explore how you can add your unique touch to become your own Golden Era star!


Recording Available for 4 months after event

Length - 2 Hours

Value -  65 USD

Rosa Noreen

The Delicious Pauses Drum Solo

Drama, power, presence--you can have it all! Learn to take control of a drum solo through Rosa's unique Delicious Pauses methodology. Learn how to slow down when the rhythm is strong.

Bring in dazzling contrast and playful moments. In this instructional video, you’ll learn how to use different types of pauses in your drum solo through technique, combinations, and improvisation drills so that you can readily apply these skills to your own dancing.

Your audience will be on the edge of their seats with anticipation of your next move!


Recording Available for 1 month after event

Length - 2 Hours

Value -  20 USD


FORM-U-LA FLOW - Mini Modules

Form-U-la Flow is a fun, challenging mat based flow class that focuses on deep core strength and functional mobility using a combination of yoga, classic and contemporary pilates and dance conditioning.

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to gain overall body awareness, core strength, and flexibility.

I designed this course for multi-purpose, personal, and professional use. You will recieve 3, 15 minute workours with some of my favorite flows that you can mix and match.

Change your body from the inside out with Form-U-la Flow!


Stability & Mobility

Quick Core

Functional Hips


Lifetime Access

Length - 45 Min

Value - 79 USD


Delicate Details (Technique Workshop)

The devil is in the details! If you want gooey hips, stronger shimmies and arms so elegant Misty Copeland would be proud, then you've come to the right workshop.

Learn how to get great technique come naturally to you so you can free up space in your brain (and body!) for the creative genius you know you can be. Enjoy 2 hours of drills and combinations you can adapt to your style and if you're like me, small living room space. 💃🏼

Because confidence in your performance comes from repetition during your practice.


Recording Available for 1 month after event

Length - 2 Hours

Value - 35 USD


"You Wanna Move" Drum Solo Choreography

This drum solo will get you turning, shimmying, and working up a sweat! Expect traveling combinations, lots of exciting isolations and some serious attitude in this sassy intermediate/advanced level number.

But learning the moves is only part of the adventure...
Once you have the movements under your belt we will move deeper into the heart of the dance to explore emotion, breath, texture and theatricality - the elements that make it really juicy. We will tackle that illusive "this time with FEELING!" moment we all encounter and are often challenged to attain.

Join Sahira for this unique drum solo adventure!

Click image for more info on course


Immediate Lifetime Access

Length - 9 Hours

Value - 67 USD

Raqs Razi

Shimmy. Sweat. Stretch

What a perfect way to end the day! Learn and drill bellydance technique and follow it with a 30min yoga session to relax and restore getting you ready for a new day!


Recorded option available for 1 month

(Redeem within 1 year)

Length - 4 classes, of 1 hour

Value - 50 USD


Grace and Beauty Combo

Holding dearly the concepts of Grace and Beauty in our dance because of the positive and deep impact these can have in watching and feeling them in our bodies, I invite you to experiment my approach of it through this combo. Two technique drills are also provided for you to feel more at ease in the combo. Let's Create Space for Beauty and Grace together!


Immediate Lifetime Access

Length - 30 min

Value - 25 USD

Creative Hips

One Month Unlimited Online Pass

Creative Hips is a boutique & movement studio run by Kelly and Valerick Molinary that offers a variety of dance classes and workshops with a focus on the art of raks sharki (Arabic term for ‘belly dance’). Our mission is to provide a moving learning experience with a creative approach. A dance home for all, Creative Hips is a space where beginner students embark on their journey with a strong cultural and artistic foundation, and advanced students enrich their training with a variety of styles and complexities.

All classes are now streamed online as well as in person, join a home away from home and find your dance family in this Miami studio. Over 10 Hours of live classes per week!


Option available for those who can't attend live

Length - Up to 40 Hours

Value - 90 USD (online)

150 USD (in person)


Of all the Egyptian dancing film stars Nabaweya Mustafa is one of the most fascinating and least taught due to the complex and allusive nature of her movements. Layer by layer we’ll deconstruct her signature movements, making the essential abstract nature of Egyptian dance more approachable and building our own strength and flexibility for hip and pelvic articulation.

This online course will also include information about who Nabaweya was, how to approach staging a reconstruction of her dance and ideas on musicality for her movements.

Pre-recorded - Releasing Feb 2021

Lifetime Access upon release

Length - 4 Hours

Value - 35 USD


Featuring conditioning exercises from Ballet, Martial Art, Gymnastics and Beverli’s injury-correcting Rotational Yoga, this set (4x1hr classes) systematically unblocks feet, ankles and knees through healing flexibility training, works on core strength and teaches balance consciousness.

With methodology on learning to trust the feet, the classes also explore a summation of Beverli’s technical modulation for oriental dance in expressing shapes with connectivity to pivot joints, load bearing awareness and inner muscle work.

Practicing drills on top of a drum as the class develops is optional, you can also use a stack of books if a tabla is not available. Classes feature text prompts and a notes recap: perfect to help you build your own practice.


Immediate Lifetime Access

Length - 4 Hours

Value - 70 USD

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