Foster a More Welcoming space for Black Bellydancers

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    Do you…

    ❤️ LOVE the bellydance community and have the desire to help it thrive in radical acceptance, inclusion and everything that originally drew you to this dance that has given you so much.

    ❤️ consider yourself an ally to Black dancers and you’re optimistic and energetic about learning more ways to be supportive towards representation and racial equality in the bellydance world.

    Then sign up here to download our guide “12 ways we can foster a more welcoming space for Black bellydancers”.

    This guide was created because many of us have the desire to be inclusive and welcoming to Black dancers, but could use some ideas.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a good start!

    Then join us for the #BlackBundleChallenge on Instagram (starting Feb 7th) where you'll be diversifying your feed and celebrating Black dancers in Bellydance, be they part of The Black Bellydance Bundle or not!

    You'll get this guide, and all the details you need about or challenge when you sign up!