The 2023 Bellydance Bundle

The 2023 Bundle Is closed for enrollment

Thank you so much! We'll see you in 2024!

The world’s largest curated collection of online Belly Dance classes designed to give you unbeatable quality and variety of instruction in your belly dance training.

Our 2023 Bundle was on sale from November 2nd - 10th, 2023 with classes happening year round.

 We don't yet have dates for 2024, but we'll let you know as soon as we do!

Classes are a mix of pre-recorded and live content. Some with lifetime access!!

Recording are available for ALL live events, so even if you can't attend live, you won't miss out.

We're here to help YOU practice more, and stress out less. 

So while we wait? Let's get practicing and have some fun shall we?

Let's start with a free guide to figure out what to practice first...

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With the bundle you pay one low price and you get to

Experiment in Practice!

The ability to experiment without breaking the bank. Find the class types and the teachers that speak your learning language so that you can feel confident when you’re approaching online classes

Always have something

The comfort of always knowing the next thing to practice. With a slew of online classes, lectures and workshops at your fingertips, there’s no more hitting the dance floor, then being paralyzed with indecision

Ditch the endless scroll

Freedom from Facebook scrolling hell, hoping you don’t miss the one time that teacher has a sale on their classes. 

Have your practice delivered straight to you, no more relying on the algorithm to show you what you should practice next

gain Confidence

The confidence of knowing you’re getting a well rounded education. You don’t have to worry that you’re missing key aspects of your learning. Get a good basis here, and then supplement with what you want to take, without worrying you're missing something!

On Sale November 2nd - 10th

Classes Happening through August 2024

Some of our previous contributors include

We've had so many amazing teachers, it was hard to just pick some to list here!


If you're interested in becoming one of our contributors in the future make sure you're following us on Instagram and keep an eye on the newsletter, we send out an application before Bundle Time every year!

Want to keep in touch?

Who Runs this thing anyway?


I'm the face behind the Bellydance Bundle.

I build communities around different ideas of practice. Whether that's through bringing you online classes, helping you achieve your goals, or discussing the theory, I want these projects to serve YOU and YOUR DANCE. Because THAT's what's most important.

I curate a community that:

  • Focuses on finding joy in your dance. Like, after that first week of classes levels of joy
  • Believes in self-worth. You are absolutely enough, just the way you are
  • Cares just as much about your mental state as well as your technique
  • Celebrates how hard you work ALL THE TIME in this dance, even when it feels like you're not doing much.
  • Encourages everyone to build their own unique practice habit. Because your dance is unique. You are unique. And you practice needs to be too.
  • Believes in experimenting with our dance, with our practice, with our habits. It's not about failure. There is no such thing. We simply learn more and more and tweak until we get the desired results.
  • Varies the type of learning we pursue so that even if you don't feel like getting on the dance floor? There's another way you can get into your practice.
  • And most importantly? Adheres to the idea that any practice you do comes from a positive place. Because you decide to. Because you WANT to learn and to improve your technique, your knowledge, and your understanding. Not because you think you SHOULD and you're beating yourself up to get there. Remember, you're enough, just the way you are.

We also send some pretty awesome emails

We focus on practice and habits if that's something you're trying to grow in your own dance life!


When is the next Bundle?

Probably October of 2024, but we make no promises. Each year that I get to put this project together is a gift and we don't take for granted it'll happen again! Follow along on Instagram or get on our newsletter to know when the next Bundle is headed your way!

I Bought a Bundle How do I access it?

You can login to your Bundle at any time here:

I want to be a contributor, hows that work?

The best way is to keep an eye out for our Open application. We prioritize dancers with regular online content/classes and unique class ideas so while you wait for Bundle time keep on keepin on being awesome and working on your biz!

Supporting the Community

With every Bundle, we make a point to support the community & causes that we rally behind.

There are award seats available and each year we donate a portion of our profits back to the community, either through organizations or directly to dancers in need.

In 2021 and 2023 we were happy to be donating a percentage of each sale to the Shrouk El-Attar Trust, or SEAT.

SEAT works with organizations in the Middle East and North Africa that support LGBTQ+ Communities. These organizations do work to increase awareness of gender and LGBTQ+ inequality.

SEAT also helps individuals directly,  providing monetary support for LGBTQ+ refugees and those still living in unsafe environments.

Shrouk is a refugee, activist, engineer, and belly dancer who performs in drag through Dancing Queer as a method of protesting their country's treatment of the LGBTQ+ population.

You can read more about Shrouk & their trust here.

Wanna Chat?

Share your thoughts or ask your questions and we'll help however we can! Some common answers though in case you were wondering...

  • Yes, there are recordings for ALL events, so you can take any classes you choose!
  • If you're interested in being a contributor in 2024, follow along to stay in the loop for when we open applications!

The Class List is here

Check out over 60 amazing classes included in this year's Bundle