The Black Bellydance Bundle

The Black History Month we celebrated with amazing Black teachers. 

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Have you been wanting to expand your personal dance community to be more culturally diverse while enjoying the best of online instruction?

The first ever Black Bellydance Bundle is at your fingertips.

We are empowering YOU to help make the bellydance community more inclusive, starting with your own education.

This is the world’s first curated collection of online bellydance classes by Black artists, designed to give you unbeatable quality and variety of instruction in your training, and the chance to diversify who you're taking classes from, all at one unbeatable price.

On sale for one week, February 16-25th, but classes will be live happening through June of 2022.

Recordings are available for ALL live events, so even if you can't attend live, you won't miss out.

The bundle gives you access to a wide range of talented and diverse teachers. I find working with different teachers and trying different styles and approaches is invigorating to my practice

- Anonymous re: The Raqs Sharqi Bundle

With the Black Bellydance bundle you Get to...

Diversify your teachers

You’ll get to know and learn from excellent Black teachers with unique cultural perspectives and contributions to the bellydance world.

You’ll be contributing to racial equity and representation in our bellydance community

Share the Love

Your participation uplifts Black bellydance professionals, making them more discoverable to all kinds of dancers. This strongly encourages aspiring Black dancers in various bellydance communities, and makes them feel welcome in the dance. This is a win for all of us!

Stop Searching

It can be hard to break out of your bubble and find new teachers to dance with, especially in a world shaped by racism and other cultural factors. 

Breaking out of the white box can be tough, let us help you take the first step.

Save some cash

Look, classes are expensive. And classes with world class teachers? You're gonna have to pay for those. With the Black Bellydance Bundle, not only do you get to take classes from amazing Black dancers, but you get to do so at a great price! 

Why now?

Isn't it time?

Everyone teaches differently. Lots of us get stuck taking from the same 2 teachers, or if we take from multiple teachers they tend to have the same backgrounds.

Taking from multiple dancers, from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and races is something that pushes your dance to the next level.

It's not the same thing from different people. It's a different life experience, a different cultural lens, a different perspective.

Everyone brings their own perspective to this dance, sure, but seeking out people who's life experiences differ from your own can only expand your learning.

Instagram and Facebook are fickle, and the algorithm only shows you the people who are like the people you already follow.

And unless you've consciously diversified your feed? You're probably missing a whole group of amazing dancers.

As a result of the algorithms, unconscious bias, and our tendency to stick with what's familiar to us, many Black dancers have to rely on word of mouth to be "discovered".

With the increased focus on being anti-racist in all portions of your life, you've been seeking to learn more from the Black community and to create opportunities for others to learn as well. Who can you invite to your haflas? To teach a guest workshop? Take classes from?

With this Bundle you're gaining fresh perspectives, you're celebrating Blackness in our Bellydance community, and you're doing it all for a hell of a discount.

Learn from amazing Black teachers, diversify your Instagram feed, and who you're taking classes from. All while saving yourself a ton of money and supporting Black dancers. 

Isn't it time?

In my personal practice I would just practice the same things, there wasn’t much variety. I felt like I was going through the motions, but not challenging myself enough. With the bundle I’ve been able to add variety to my personal dance practice and I can do it on my schedule. I love studying with different teachers about different topics.

- Amanda

Our sale is over

But you can still follow our instructors!

14 Amazing Black Bellydance Teachers

Giving you fresh new perspectives to improve your dance

Ebony Qualls

Lotus Niraja

Aicha Babacar

Amar Garcia


Donna Mejia

Sadira - Lady Liquid


Danielle Hutton



Raqs Razi

Lara Adrienne


We created this project...

  • to celebrate Black excellence in instruction of this artform
  • to support Black bellydancers, professionally, and as students
  • to provide an easy way to find who is teaching online
  • to break non-Black allies out of the dance bubbles, and provide options for studying with Black dancers
  • to show Black dancers that yes, there are badass Black dancers out there, and damn, they're good.
  • to give back to the community

Hello friends, I’m Ebony. I feel extremely fortunate that when I first discovered and began to study raqs sharqi - I was welcomed into an existing diverse, supportive and encouraging bellydance community here in Washington, DC. While my teachers and dance peers demonstrated inclusivity and warmth, I didn’t realize that there was something more that would soon further inspire me to express my authentic self in this artform. I saw a beautiful and extremely talented bellydancer named Lotus Niraja perform live, and it set me on fire. Seeing a Black woman demonstrate such unapologetic excellence in her artistry sparked an increased feeling of belonging in the bellydance world for me. It made me feel like I could be MORE myself in this dance. And, I know I’m not alone. My Black bellydance peers and I love relating on this very shared experience. The experience of seeing that first Black dancer that shows you what’s possible for you. And since then, I have had many aspiring Black bellydancers relate that I was that spark for them.


My intention is to create a space where more of these “sparks” occur. To highlight Black excellence and professionalism in bellydance so that aspiring dancers of all kinds can be inspired and benefit. To give an avenue to our non Black allies who want to uplift Black bellydancers - both beginners and pros - and show them that they’re welcome in our community.


With this intention, I approached Tiffany, the creator of the original Bellydance Bundle. I have been working with Tiffany as a contributor to her bundle for 2 years and have been more than impressed with her business sense and her demonstrated allyship towards Black dancers. She was all in! 


So, together, we present to you the first ever Black Bellydance Bundle. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Using the platform of the existing Bellydance Bundle made sense, and we cannot wait to get dancing with all of the amazing instructors featured in the 2022 Black Bellydance Bundle!

What happens next?

Supporting the Community

With every Bundle, we make a point to support the community & causes that we rally behind.

There are award seats available and each year we donate a portion of our profits back to the community, either through organizations or directly to dancers in need.

This project is no different. We will be having open applications for Black dancers in need and will be providing a % of profits directly back to the Black bellydance community.

From paying studio rent to helping dancers afford classes & costuming, we're more than happy to help financially where it is needed.

Money will be disbursed two months after the end of the Bundle, with an open application process. Stay tuned to The Bellydance Bundle's social media & email list to be notified when these applications open.


I missed the sale! IS it going to happen again?

We hope so! Make sure to get on our mailing list and get our free guide on 12 Ways To Be a Great Ally to keep up to date on future sales. Each October The Bellydance Bundle runs a Raqs Sharqi Bundle that you may be interested in, and hopefully this project becomes a regular thing, but we've gotta get through this one first!

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Have a question?

Tell us why or ask whatever question you've got! and we'll help however we can! Some common answers though in case you were wondering...

  • If you're interested in being a contributor for future Bundles, we're always accepting pitches, just email over what you're thinking!
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Sale has ended

But you can still get our free guide!